Quran 24:23, the evil-blind bulh and ghafilat: Freddie Mercury and fall from grace of an anti-gay politician

My father won a scholarship to study at Maryland but he chose to return due to consumerist obsession although he did not appreciate the current sexual obsession two decades ago. I stumbled here as I was researching about Parsi singer Freddie Mercury who hated his past so much that he even changed his name from Farokh which means the happy person in Persian and Persian mystic Ghazali has written Alchemy of Happiness on the concept of psychological and soteriological happiness. Modern culture is glorified by western politicians as ‘offering’ creative destruction of the traditional world. This is natural and logical because absence of spiritual light of first commandment only zoological darkness will prevail. Even a Parsi scientist of Pakistani origin ended up being pulled by the black hole of sexual revolution. His case is curious for traditionalists because he died of AIDS. This lawmaker corroborates another Hadith that majority of inhabitants of Paradise will be those who are bulh/blind in materialistic and secular sense but enlightened in the spiritual and scriptural sense. Which implies that when people acquires secular, materialistic and political awareness, but do not have spiritual enlightenment most of them end up being victims of zoological instincts themselves after being provoked by the external fire. Like a Pakistani surgeon died of Congo fever after operating a patient suffering from Congo. God praises such evil-blind women of faith in Quran 24:23. God bless my evil-blind zoologist mother who chose not to work in intermingling corporate culture and still she does not use facebook like my father.

Anti-gay married Republican lawmaker ‘sexually harassed dozens of young men’




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