To Theo Hobson: How failed deism and sola scriptura leads to atheism?

I want to revive the missionary legacy of what Quran calls a hawari/disciple Thomas who was martyred in India by polytheists for his monotheism. And, today Muslims in India, especially, Kashmir continue that legacy. I have witnessed a relationship between Sola Scriptura movements and deistic movements within both West and Middle East because both dislike the religious tradition, and many apostates tend to be influenced by Sola Scriptura and deism, but not everyone has the fervour of Herbert of Cherbury to dive in the ocean of love and ocean of logos at the same time. For example, Dawud At Tai a saint threw his books in the river to focus on worship and divine remembrance but his friend Imam Zufar managed to reconcile both which requires greater faith and greater scholarship. There is a Hadith that those who understand the logos deeply are more effective against the Evil than the worshipers, however, a Prophetic descendant warns that scholarship which does not have attendant piety is worthless. So, Islamic worldview has been able to contemplate and reconcile these issues centuries ago when West was relatively ignorant about both Scripture and logic. So, I was happy to find a western affirmation of my own conclusion. Thanks and may God bless you brother Theo Hobson.


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