Arabic version of Wiki Islam: Transcendence vs geo-centrism

Arabic version of Wiki Islam in its criticism of Quran focuses more on metaphysical issues than scientific ones. They seem to appeal to masses who are more metaphysically oriented. While the English version focuses on the narrative of scientific scrutiny of Quran. The first issue in Arabic version is the metaphysical issue of Transcendence and Immanence which is rhetorically asked from laymen like street epistemologists in west which is obviously a false dichotomy in a loaded question. The first issue in the English version involves geo-centrism, which educated me even more on heliocentric verses, is also very rhetorical and has mass sentimental value.


Islamic meritosophy vs modern meritocracy

The definition of merit varies among Islamic worldview and modern world.

Today we define merit as success, fame and productivity. However, in Islam success does not lie in fame rather fame reduces your chances of being successful with God.

Spiritual productivity and material productivity are parallel domains. I know a few individuals who manage to be productive in both domains but many times these modes of productivity are anti parallel leading to compromise rather than synergy.

Our eternal worth and self actualized worth may be different. The idea of filthy rags can be over pessimistic if it reduces spiritual productivity. The actual intent of that idea is to not have over reliance on productivity but to seek supernatural grace and intervention.

Quran and 21st century

Quran and 21st century

  1. Cryptography
  2. Zoology
  3. Genetics
  4. Femininity
  5. Hotel Management, Hospitality Management
  6. Veterinary medicine
  7. Supernova
  8. Defense
  9. Psychology
  10. Anthropozoology
  11. Geography, Archeology
  12. Finance, Strategic Management
  13. Plasma Physics
  14. Babylonian archeology
  15. Geology
  16. Entomology
  17. Cosmology
  18. Social Psychology
  19. Antifeminism
  20. Burnout
  21. Semite
  22. Spintronics
  23. Success
  24. Photonics
  25. Metrology
  26. Literature
  27. Myrmecology
  28. History
  29. Arthropodology
  30. Eurasia
  31. Africa
  32. Prefrontal Cortex
  33. Defense/Offense Alliance
  34. Feminism
  35. Big bang and Abiogenesis
  36. Mathematics
  37. Discipline
  38. Triangulation
  39. Criminology
  40. Tolerance
  41. Linguistics
  42. Democracy
  43. Sophistry
  44. Nebula
  45. Terror Management/Learned Helplessness
  46. Eremology/Soil Science
  47. Moral Intelligence
  48. Mass Enlightenment
  49. Civil Engineering
  50. Natural Faith
  51. Ecology
  52. Egyptology
  53. Astronomy
  54. Lunar Geology
  55. Compassion Without Fatigue
  56. Determinism
  57. Periodic Table
  58. Women Rights
  59. Iron Dome
  60. Psychometrics
  61. Symmetry
  62. Community
  63. Psychopathy
  64. Investment
  65. Family
  66. Austerity
  67. Control System
  68. Information Age
  69. Reality Testing
  70. Global Perfectionism
  71. Exocrine Glands
  72. Mania and Astrobiology
  73. Neurodiversity
  74. Textile Engineering
  75. Temporal Infinity
  76. Memory and Ontology
  77. Aerodynamics
  78. Philosophical Debate
  79. Police Violence
  80. Class Conflict
  81. White Dwarf
  82. Ozone
  83. Corruption
  84. Lunar Earthquake
  85. Constellations
  86. Venus
  87. Transcendence
  88. Disaster Management
  89. Morning Twilight
  90. Philosophical Geocentrism
  91. Heliocentrism
  92. Scotobiology
  93. Photobiology
  94. Cognitive Resonance
  95. Mulberry Family
  96. Embryology
  97. Predeterimism
  98. Evidence
  99. Seismology
  100. Animal Respiration
  101. Sound Bomb
  102. Capitalism
  103. Space and Time
  104. Contrarian
  105. Elephant Ecology
  106. J1 Haplogroup
  107. Humanism
  108. Progress
  109. Cognitive Dissonance
  110. Supernatural Psycho-Political Intervention
  111. Fiber Biodiversity
  112. Commitment to Transcendence
  113. Astronomical Dawn
  114. Human Civilization

Islam and Zeteophobia

God says: The responsibility of food for every creature on earth in upto God.

God says: Man will get only what he struggles for whether in this life or the next.

The philosophy of compatibilism in which you follow the middle road between prayer and hard work can be the cognitive therapy for zeteophobia.

Islam and workplace ostracism

Workplace ostracism is common in south asian organizations and universities.

طبراني : أنّ العبّاس رضي اللّه عنه أتى النبي (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)فقال  :  يا  رسول اللّه انّي انتهيت الى قوم يتحدّثون فلمّا رأوني سكتوا و ما ذاك إلاّ  أنّهم يبغضونا ، فقال (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) : أو قد فعلوها ! و الذي نفسي بيده لا يؤمن أحدٌ حتّى يُحبّكم لحبّي ، أيرجون أن يدخلوا الجنة بشفاعتي و لا يرجوها بنو  عبد المطلب

Tabarani narrates that the uncle of the Prophet(s) complained to him that people are talking to each other and I arrive, they fall silent. I am sure this is due to hatred. The Prophet(s) said: Really? No one becomes a believers unless they love you. Do they hope to enter Paradise through my intercession.

There are two types of ostracism.

  1. Purposeful ostracism is a form of abuse.
  2. Nonpurposeful ostracism is due to neglect.

Quran condemns both abuse and neglect in relationships and society at large.

Qabr as the alpha of infinite omega

I think there are two dimensions of Qabr. Like martyrs are عند ربهم they feel close to Allah and pleasant breeze of Paradise. The other dimension is like a horror movie with real horror. The Hadith of sandwiching of qabr with pressure shows that the pain will be real. The real question is not to fully understand it but to know what to do about it. According to narrations reciting Surah Nisa every Friday will protect from the collapsing of grave. Another narration advises keeping yourself pure from major and minor impurities. Another narration talks about making believers happy. Another narration recommends Surah Mulk every night. The conclusion is that our actions here determine our future whether eternal horror and trauma or eternal bliss, happiness and salvation.

Anthropological miracle of Pakistan and globalization

Pakistan is not a British strategic management but a brainchild of God who created hybrid true pakistanis blending conflicting diversity through thousands of years of linguistic evolution. Due to globalization intermarriages will increase and racial purity will die its own death. The idea of subo ki zanjeer is not mere an administrative one, but God was taking care of it through millenia like beads of rosary.