Quran 14:4 and multiculturalism

What is the biblical perspective on multiculturalism?

Chris Lee, Neo-Evangelical Protestant Christian, ecclesiology, apologist, M.Div. GCTS
I don’t think the Bible outright addresses the issue of multiculturalism, but H. Richard Niebuhr did write a book, “Christ and Culture." There are five paradigms:

1. Christ against culture — there are times where specific elements of culture or a culture itself is antithetical to Christianity. For instance, until the Edict of Toleration by Constantine, Christianity and the Roman Empire were at odds in many ways.

This also occurs when Christianity is a minority within a larger culture that isn’t even nominally Christian. So to be Christian is to be very different — and a Christian cannot accept these things in culture that are against his or her beliefs. And some of the downsides of this belief is often “circling the wagons" and an “us vs. them mentality."

2. Christ of Culture — there are times when cultures are aligned with Christianity. When Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and in certain red states of the USA, being Christian was consonant with the general culture.

Unfortunately this also leads to nominalization among some other problems. If Christianity is the official religion, then people just put “Christian" in front of their titles (e.g., “I’m a Christian plumber" or “I’m a Christian fisherman") — but were people really Christians or were they just going along with culture?

3. Christ above culture — there are those who believe our faith has nothing to do with culture and is above culture so to speak — or that is impossible to separate human culture from the grace of God. So culture is neither good nor bad.

This tends to be the paradigm within the Catholic Church. The upside is that this view tends to balance both Christians being involved with culture and yet God as outside of culture, sustaining it. The main downside is that cultural elements can become syncretized within Christianity (e.g., you can worship your family idols as well as worship God).

4. Christ and Culture in Paradox — while there is cooperation within culture and Christianity, there exists also conflict between culture and Christianity.

Niebuhr himself though that this position is static and that the Christian loses the voice to say anything meaningful in/to culture — since this view would just accept culture as is.

5. Christian transforming Culture — an extension of the fourth view, but deliberately, Christians have sought to change elements that are unChristian or antithetical to their beliefs.


Post righteous kingdom and trinity/antinomianism of Ishmaelites

The bloodshed in Syria is in the name of hatred of first post righteous king named Ameer Mu’awiyah and the bloodshed in Yemen is in the name of love of this post righteous king making it the political trinity of Ishmaelites. Or like Paul who is loved by Gentiles and hated by pronomian Semites. Both appear to disagree with the idea of genetic primacy of righteous Semites and Ishmaelitic Prophetic descendants. This line of thinking makes it plausible that Jewish Einstein had a tendency towards Shia Islam. I am a semi-Shia pro-Zaydi Sunni like Nasai and Shawkani.

Alperovich Anatoly I would love if you explain about shia

Ishmael Abraham They are like zionist rabbis of Ishmaelites. Zionist rabbis want to bring Jewish Moshiach into power while they want to bring Ishmaelite Mahdi into power. But both will be disappointed when Messiah and Mahdi ends up opposing them.
 Both need apolitical Scriptural spirituality to recognize the true Mahdi and Messiah.

Urdu poetry about war torn Muslim children

Urdu poetry about tragedy of Muslim children being killed. One of the verses says that the child realizes that it is not a video game.

شاید اک درندہ ہو گا
یا اک برف کا پتلا ہو گا
انساں کی شکل کا یا پھر
چلتا پھرتا روبوٹ ہو گا
روبوٹ جس نے بھیجا ہو گا
اسکا کون سا مذہب ہو گا
کس نے اسکو خریدا ہو گا
کس قیمت پر بیچا ہو گا
کیا کیا کہ کر بھیجا ہو گا

جس پل وہ قیامت آی تھی
بندوق کو اس نے تانا ہو گا
بیگ کو اس نے چھینا ہو گا
خوف کو اس نے دیکھا ہو گا
پھول سا بچہ سمٹا ہو گا
دل یوں زور سے دھڑکا ہو گا
ماں کو اس نے ڈھونڈا ہو گا
تڑپ تڑپ کے چیخا ہو گا
جس فرش پہ ٹانگیں کانپیں اسکی
اک بار تو وہ بھی لرزہ ہو گا
اک بار تو چھت بھی کانپی ہو گی
ہوا کا زور بھی ٹوٹا ہو گا
کیا پھر ایسا ممکن ہے
انسان کا دل نہ پگھلا ہو گا
پتھر کا بت نہ ٹوٹا ہو گا
یا پھر وہ اک روبوٹ ہو گا

ہاں بچہ بھی یہ سمجھا ہو گا
جیسی اسکی ویڈیو گیم ہے
اس جیسا یہ منظر ہو گا
گیم ختم تو بات ختم
دکھ کی یہ سوغات ختم
پھر سے سب کچھ زندہ ہو گا
پھر سے ہاتھ میں بستہ ہو گا
موت، کفن، قبر، دفن
وہ تو یہ نہ سمجھا ہو گا
گیم ختم نہ ہونے پر
دل اسکا کیسے ٹوٹا ہو گا
ماں کو جب وہ ترسا ہو گا
باپ کا راستہ تکتا ہو گا
اک حشر کا عالم چھایا ہو گا
بس یہ مجھے بتلا دو مونا ،
اس ظالم نے کیا پایا ہو گا….؟؟

An Iranian scholar admitting the primacy of Arabic

Seeing the establishment of the Shia faith and government in Iran, other scholars of Islam became quite jealous. One such scholar in the court of Shah Tahmasp once mentioned how, if you take the numbers of the year 927 and take the Abjad numerical values of letters, the number 927 equals Madhab Na-Haq (“the false religion"). Muhaqqiq al-Karki immediately challenged the scholar, asking him why he was taking the Persian version of the equation. The language of Islam is Arabic, he said, and in Arabic, the letters combine not to form Madhab Na-Haq, but rather Madhabuna Haq (“our religion is the right one"). The court erupted in jubilation at his quick thinking and wit.

Muhaqqiq al-Karaki

Is Iran perfect or self righteous?

ہم سنتے ہیں کہ جب امیرالمومنین کومسجد کوفہ میں شهید کیا گیا تو شامیوں نے کہا آیا علی نماز بهی پڑهتا تها؟
وہ مسجد میں کیا کرنے گیا ؟
تو ہمیں بہت تعجب هوتا ہے کہ شامی اتنے جاہل تهے اور امیر شام کی طرف سے کتنا زهر اگلا گیا ہوگا ؟کہ لوگ ایسے سوچتے تهے.لیکن پهر بهی ہم کہتے ہیں کہ اس زمانے میں خبریں جلدی نہیں پہنچتی تهی اس لیے شامی دهوکے میں آ گئے .لیکن بات آج کے ترقی یافتہ زمانے کی بهی ویسی ہی ہے .
💥ایران دشمنی کی وجہ سے ایران کے مخالفین بہت بڑی سطح پر ایران کے خلاف کام کر رهے ہیں اور ان کے پروپیکنڈوں میں باقی افراد تو آتے ہی ہیں لیکن اب ہمارے بعض شیعہ بهی انہیں کی زبان بولتے اور لاعلمی اور نادانی میں دشمن کے ہاته کا کهیلونا بن جاتے ہیں .
💥بہت سارے جهوٹ بولے جاتے ہیں اور بہت ساری باتیں سچ اور جهوٹ کو ملا کر کی جاتی ہیں .مقصد ایران کا دشمن بنانا ہے .اور اس مہم کا شکار ہمارے نادان اور بے بصیرت مومنین کے ساته ساته بعض طلاب اور علماء بهی ہو جاتے ہیں .ہر مسئلہ کی طرح اس کے لیے بهی معلومات اور بصیرت کی ضرورت ہے .
🍀کچه مسائل کو میں یہاں بیان کر دیتا ہوں .کہا جاتا ہے بهائی ایرانی وہابی ہیں .ایرانی مجتهد اور علماء اہل بیت کے دشمن ہیں .ایرانی عزاداری کے دشمن ہیں.ایران کی وجہ سے تمہیں قتل کیا جاتا ہے .ایران میں کوئی اسلامی نظام نہیں ہے .ایرانی ہمارے عقائد خراب کرنا چاهتے ہیں .اور اس سے ملتی جلتی ہزاروں باتیں .اور خاص کر ابهی قمہ زنی کی حرمت کا رهبر معظم کا فتوی پر کافی اشکال اور مغالطے پیش کیے جا رهے ہیں تو میں اس ناچیز سی کوشش میں ایران کا تعارف کرانا چاهتا ہوں لیکن صرف اشارے ہی کرونگا پوری تفصیل کے لیے کئی کتابیں بهی لکهی جا سکتی ہیں .اور بہت ساری کتب موجود بهی ہیں .
💥 اب سنو ایران کیا ہے ؟
مسلمانوں کی تاریخ میں جو قوم سب سے زیادہ پڑهی لکهی رهی ہے وہ ایرانی قوم ہے .
💥حضرت سلیمان فارسی ایرانی تهے
💥اہل سنت کی معتبر ترین کتب ،صحاح ستہ کے اکثر لکهنے والے ایرانی تهے .
💥ہماری کتب اربعہ کے سارے مصنفین ایرانی تهے .آقای کلینی وشیخ طوسی اور شیخ صدوق.
💥الوافی کے مولف فیض کاشانی ایرانی تهے
💥بحار الانوارکے مولف آقای مجلسی ایرانی تهے
💥قم شروع سے ہی تشیع کی پہچان رہا ہے .
💥مفاتیح الجنان کے مولف ایرانی تهے .

💥بو علی سینا ،ملا صدرا .ملا صالح مازندرانی اور میر داماد ایرانی تهے .
💥حافظ و سعدی و خیام ایرانی تهے
💥زکریا رازی ایرانی تهے
💥سب سے پہلی اتنی بڑی شیعہ امامیہ کی حکومت .حکومت صفویہ ایران میں تهی
💥 سب سے پہلے مولا کی عزاداری حکومتی سطح پر ایرانیوں نے شروع کی
💥پاک و هند میں دین اسلام کی تبلیغ زیادہ تر ایرانیوں نے کی .اور وہاں کے لوگوں کو مسلمان بنایا.
💥پاک و ہند میں اکثر سادات کے گهرانے ایران سے ہی تبلیغی مہاجرت کر کے وہاں آباد ہوئے ہیں.
💥 المیزان جیسی تفسیر لکهنے والے علامہ طباطبائی ایرانی تهے .
💥شہید مطهری ایرانی تهے
💥امام خمینی ایرانی تهے
💥آقای خوئی ایرانی تهے
💥شہید بہشتی ایرانی تهے
💥آقای سیستانی اور رهبر معظم ایرانی ہیں.
💥تفسیر نمونہ اور تفسیر نور لکهنے والے ایرانی ہیں.
💥 عظیم مفکر آقای جوادی عاملی اور مصباح یزدی اور حسن زادہ عاملی ایرانی ہیں .
💥قم مشهد اور جمکران ایران میں ہیں.
💥اسلامی تاریخ میں پہلی بار مبانی تشیع کے مطابق انقلاب اسلامی ایران میں ایرانی لائے.
💥2000 سالہ شہنشاہیت کو ایرانیوں نے نیست و نابود کیا .
💥دنیا میں جس ملک میں سب سے زیادہ شیعہ آباد ہیں وہ ایران ہے .
💥تشیع کا حکومتی نظام ،ولایت فقیہ ایران میں چل رہا ہے .
💥واحد ملک ایران ہے جس کا قانون شیعہ اسلام کے نقطہ نظر سے بنایا گیا ہے .
💥واحد ملک ایران ہے جس کے دستور میں لکها هوا ہے کہ صدر ،آرمی چیف اور عدلیہ کا سربراہ شیعہ ہوگا.
💥ایران پہلا ملک ہے جس کا رسمی مذهب تشیع ہے
💥واحد ملک ہے جس میں سب سے زیادہ پاور فل ولی فقیہ هوتا ہے .
💥پہلا ملک ہے جس میں کوئی قانون اسلام و تشیع کے خلاف نہیں بن سکتا.
💥واحد ملک ہے جس میں علوم آل محمد سیکهنے کے لیے پوری دنیا سے لوگ آئے ہوئے ہیں
💥واحد ملک ہے جس کا نظام تعلیم شیعہ اسلامی بنیادوں پر قائم ہے .
غیر عرب ملکوں میں سے واحد ملک ہے جہاں قرآن پاک سکول میں پڑهایا جاتا ہے اور علیحدہ سے پڑهنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی .
💥واحد ملک ہے جس کے سکولوں میں باقاعدہ امام مظلوم کی عزاداری اور ولادت معصومین کے پروگرام ہوتے ہیں
💥واحد ملک ہے کہ تمام مظلومین عالم کی بات کرتا ہے .
💥واحد ملک ہے کہ جو حکومتی سطح پرتشیع کو پهیلا رہا ہے
💥 واحد ملک ہے کہ جہاں سے ہر سال هزاروں مبلغین پوری دنیا میں تبلیغ کرنے جاتے ہیں .
💥 واحد ملک ہے جہاں تشیع کا سب سے بڑا حوزہ اور سب سے زیادہ مجتهدین ہیں .
🍀ایران ہی ہے جہاں آپ کو کلام تفسیر فلسفہ تاریخ علوم قرآن .حدیث عرفان فقہ و اصول اور باقی اسلامی موضوعات کے ماہرین آسانی سے مل سکتے ہیں .
🍀ایران ہی ہے جس کے تمام ٹیلی ویژن چینل دین کے تبلیغ میں مصروف ہیں .
🌹ایران ہی ہے جہاں تمام ٹی وی ریڈیو چینلز پر علی ولی اللہ کی اذان سنائی دیتی ہے .
🌹ایران ہی ہے جہاں تشیع کی سب سے زیادہ کتابیں لکهی اور چهاپی جاتی ہیں
🌹ایران ہی ہے جہاں شیعہ اور سنی کو کوئی خطرہ نہیں ہے .
🌹ایران ہی ہے جہاں ایک ہی مسجد میں شیعہ سنی اکٹهے نماز پڑهتے ہیں
💥ایران ہی ہے جہاں حکومتی سطح پرآئمہ کی ولادت و شہادت پر چهٹی اور پروگرام منعقد کیے جاتے
💥ایران ہی ہے جہاں عدالتوں میں شیعہ شیعہ فقہ کے مطابق اور سنی سنی فقہ کے مطابق فیصلے کرواتے ہیں
🌹ایران ہے کہ جس کی وزارت خارجہ شیعہ قتل عام کی مزمت کرتی ہے
🍀ایران ہی ہے کہ جس نے امریکہ کی سپر پاور کو یمن اور شام کی خاک میں ملا دیا ہے .
🍀ایران ہے جس نے حزب اللہ بنائی
🍀حماس کی مدد ایران کرتا ہے
🌷 یمن کی انصار اللہ کو ایران نے تقویت دی
🌷عراق میں الحشد الشعبی کو ایران نے بنایا
🍀شام میں شامی فوج کا حوصلہ ایران نے بلند کیا .
🌷شام و عراق میں داعش کو شکست ایران کی مدد سے دی گئی .
🌹ایران نے ہی داعش کو شام و عراق پر قبضہ نہیں کرنے دیا
🍀تکریت و رمادی اور فلوجہ سے داعش کو شکست ایران نے دی ہے
🍀یمن میں انصارللہ سعودی عرب کو شکست دے رہی ہے .
💥حضرت زینب کے روضے کو گرنے سے بچانے والی ایرانی سوچ ہے .
🌷کربلا اور نجف کو بچانے والی فکر قاسم سلیمانی کی ہے .
💥ایران میں ہی سب سے زیادہ عزاداری ہوتی ہے
💥ایران واحد ملک ہے جس کا ولی فقیہ ،صدر ،وزراء اور فوجی جرنیل سب کے سب محرم میں دس دن تک ایک ہی مجلس میں حاضر هوتے ہیں اور عزاداری کرتے ہیں .اسی طرح جلوسوں میں بهی شرکت کرتے ہیں .
💥ایران واحد ملک ہے جس کے سب حکومتی افراد نماز جمعہ میں شرکت کرتے ہیں .
🍀ایران واحد ملک ہے جس میں امام زمانہ کا انتظار حکومتی سطح پر کیا جا رہا ہے
🍀 ایران واحد ملک ہے جس کے صدر نے اقوام متحدہ کی اسمبلی میں جا کر امام زمانہ کے ظہور کی دعا کی .
🔥اب بهی کسی نے ایران اور ایرانیوں کی مخالفت کرنی ہے تو اس کی اپنی قسمت.

پاسبان ولایت

Syed Khomeini said: Islam is more important than Iran. If Iran goes against Islam, may it burn in hell.
Ghayr masum per islahi tanqid karna zaruri he warna Wilayat awr Banu Umayyah me farq khatam hojaye ga.
It is important to criticize fallible leaders otherwise the difference between spiritual authority and dictatorial dynasties will diminish.
Imam Ghazzali was also Persian so Iranians should read about him as well. 
Dr Ali Shariati has stated that Safawi Shi’ism deviated from Alawi Shi’ism.
Ayatollah Syed Ali Al-Amin has criticized Hezbollah for deviating from Alawi Shi’ism by being complicit in crimes of Syrian dictator.
Just like Zionist Jews and Christians are committing crimes in the name of Messiah, Iran should not commit crimes in the name of Mahdi. Both Saudi extremism and Iranian extremism has caused bloodshed. Both should follow the ecumenical Zaydi approach of Yemeni scholars.
In conclusion, I would quote Imam Ali, peace be upon him, and his ideal form of government. He says: I would refuse leadership if it involved taking away a grain from an ant unjustly. And, Iran falls short of the ant and grain ideal.

Imran Khan, antinomian compassion and false Messiahs

May God protect newly elected charismatic semi religious semi secular Pakistani PM from being a false Messiah and assassination attempts and may he take on both war on terror, sectarian wars and liberal extremists. There is a Hadith that sometimes God assists faith through sinners. But still according to Chapter of Light I will not have antinomian compassion for sinners. God bless spiritual nomocracy.

Sponsored Post Random thoughts in quotes

1. Islam is metaphysical simplicity.

2. Muhammadan reality inspires an overwhelming brainstorm and an overwhelming tearstorm at the same time.

3. Modernity is an atelephobic mirage.

4. Truth is more important than positivity and truth can overcome all negativity in the end.

5. I am not what I desire, I am what I aspire. I am not my comfort zone, I am my learning zone.

6 It seems that a feminist husband and an anti-feminist wife can be a heaven on earth.

7 Genuine saints can help both Scriptural robots and philosophical robots

8 Music is the escapism of the impatient

9 Faith is the intersection of beauty and purity.

10 Modern anti-theism is about cultural monopoly of post-Judaeo-Christian races.

11 Karbala is greatness over success. Al-Mahdi is both success and greatness.

12 Prayerful wolves can be as dangerous as violent pigs.

13 Sunnis are repeating the Jewish history and Shias are repeating Christian history. Truth lies in between like Ebionites the Torah abiding Christians and the Zaydi Shias who follow both Prophetic practice of Sunnah and the Prophetic family.

14 Muslims are closer in theology with West and closer in culture with Eastern traditions.

15 In past people came to legal scholars and said: Inni zanaytu fatahhirni: I fornicated so purify me. Now people come and say: Inni zanaytu fa’azzimni: I fornicated so respect me.

16 Western politicians are emotionally obtuse, while Middle Eastern politicians are intellectually obtuse.

17 It takes to be a follower of Ibn Arabi to criticize Ibn Taymiya but it takes to be like Ibn Arabi to admire Ibn Taymiya, and vice versa.

18 Protestants seem to like in Buddhism what they lost without Catholicism.

19 Pornography manufactures consent for an adulterous culture.

20 Blind anti-traditionalism is the most pervasive form of cultural xenophobia in 21st century.

21 Everyone becomes single at death

22 The problem with Zionism is that it is pseudo-Zionism

23 The struggle between holy Zion and hellenistic Sodom will continue no matter how many liberal theologians emerge.

24 Muslim-majority countries have right to have theocracies, if secularist majority countries have right to have democracies.

25 Salah is self-directed neuroplasticity

26 Civilized is a euphemism for domesticated cattle.

27 The praxis of Islam called sunnah is a moderate balance between passion and sobriety unlike western extremes of hypersexualization and celibacy.

28 Karbala is tempered radicalism.

29 An intimate friend of God experiences more pain due to divine rights violation against God than human rights violation against himself.

30 People are more willing to have an imperfect character than an imperfect image.

31 Nomocratic liberty means freedom to implement commandments on earth like the nature is subordinate to laws and commandments of physics.

32 Being an apolitical cultural radical is not unethical.

33 Sexual revolution is a journey from a childhood like angels to an adulthood like animals.

34 Tabligh movement are unitarian mystic missionaries who try to reform both heterodox mysticism and blind Sola Scriptura.

35 Modern atheism has turned philosophy into a project of cultural colonialism

36 Sexual revolution is a misplaced love.

37 Murderous Marxism cannot convince orthodox Muslims that it is the only form of ethical anti-capitalism.

38 Fajr liberates from slavery of cortisol.

39 The glory of a philosopher lies in his speech, the glory of a saint lies in his daily life.

40 Both atheistic and religious narcissists sell their ego in the name of truth.

41 Private sinners are crypto-liberals even if they are bearded or niqabis.

42 Mu’awiyah bin Abi Sufyan is better in cultural self-respect than liberals like Imran Khan. Former symbolizes weakness in human rights, the latter symbolizes weakness in God’s rights.

43 Philosophical nuance is admirable, but philosophical verbosity serves narcissism.

44. Humanity needs a utopia which integrates intellectual progress and ethical progress.

45 There is a competition between dajjali porn and transcendental aesthetics of Mahdi.

46 Heterophobia exists in the form of anti traditional cultural xenophobia.
47 Modernity is heaven of successful narcissists.
48 Secular sex education is child abuse.
49 Door to door missionaries utilize availability heuristic in a healthy way.
50 Cousin marriage is still disliked due to continued influence effect.
51 May God save Pakistan from both playboys and Yazids.
52 Sola Scriptura Salafis and post-Protestant secularists have anti-traditional anti-Taqlid in common.
53 Modernity is a neo-shirk which glorifies scientists more than science.
54 Hujr bin Adi is the Hallaj of Ahlulbayt. 
55 O God do not let secular Machiavellis laugh at failed saints.
56  The Urdu translation of the word research is kashful mahjub.
57  Our nasb/rafz detectors are over-sensitive when we have limited ilm and hilm.
58 Turning every critic from the opposite sect into a worst case stereotype makes us play in the hands of enemies.
59 Pursuit of happiness will actualize when it become a pursuit of truth and/or pursuit of an ethical peaceful pleasure rather than hedonistic pleasure.
60 Halal/kosher is the bridge of peace and pleasure.
61 Abu Lahab the rosy playboy and Uzza the powerful feminist goddess.
62  Islam is a universal post-tribal vision of Ishmaelite Judeao-Christianity with more humane and practical commandments and an aneurotic Sufi spirituality.
63 Sola Scriptura is implicit rationalism.
64 Science is not a choice. If underdeveloped countries do not learn science, the developed countries would outbomb them.
65 If all scientists were philosophers we might have a less Machiavellian world.
66 Some modern sufi mystics may be narcissistic about their supposed non-narcissism.
67 It seems that ideological resonance with life partner is more important than romantic resonance without underestimating the latter.
68 Sexual revolution is so powerful as to induce a state of learned helplessness and stockholm’s syndrome.

69 Modern west is the pinnacle of anti hagiosophy ideal blending IQ and entertainment as in the nerd-jock combination.

70 Liberalism is Hellenistic ecumenism. Faith needs Scriptural Abrahamic ecumenism.
71 Humble phariseeism is better than self righteous antinomianism.
72 I know people who fell from both traditional and scientific grace in trying to achieve both.
73 Reckless open-mindedness and xenophobic cowardice can be optimized through cautious and wise outreach taught by Abrahamic faith.
74 We maybe inspired and not yet convinced or convinced and not yet inspired.
75 Sects benefit others and harm themselves. They benefit others by the partial higher truth they represent and they harm themselves by reaching broader truth due to narcissism of small differences.
76 Forced generosity is better than authentic selfishness.
77 The moral failures of modernist preachers show that Muslims should turn to ecumenical traditional scholars who are publicity shy.
78 Freedom is choosing not to melt. 
79 Unlike Hawking, Sunnah hagiosophy ideal helps you become both an achiever and a good husband at the same time.
80 Quranic phrase coolness of eyes means when tears dry up after happiness.
81 Modern atheism is similar to polytheism in its hero worship.
82 We preach Christ crucified,” St Paul declared, “unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness.” “We preach Zayd crucified" St Shawkani believed, " unto Umawis a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness"
83 Commonalities provide us with peace. Differences make us explore.
84 Tabligh movement is a simulation of hijrah
85 Narcissism is reverse wahdat al wujud when you want others to annihilate into your ego.
86 Saint Valentine seems more like Pir Waris Shah than a playboy.
87 Islam is a hyper semitic culture.
88 Some Sunnis may be semi-Darwinists glorifying fittest heroes and some Shias may be semi-anarchists.
89 21st century Islam has anti-hagioratic nomoracy and anti-nomocratic hagiocracy. Faith needs hagiocratic nomocracies and nomocratic hagiocracies.
90 Shirk of modern hero worship is the biggest shared metaphysical tool of both sexual revolution and military industrial complex.
91 Nazism was a reaction to modern creative self destruction of white traditionalism.
92 Mary-hatred can indirectly help sexual revolution.
93 Sufi modernists claim to defend tradition against traditional reformers but would not like to live in a traditional country.
94 Synthetic thinkers work to optimize oxymorons for betterment of humanity
95 Ecumenical cognition is easier to achieve for modern mind and ecumenical praxis is easier to achieve with a traditional psyche
96 Antinomian missionaries inspired hellenistic modernity. Quranic missionaries should inspire a kosher modernity
97 Private sins of Pharisees are due to absence of love. Private sins of antinomians are due to absence of awe.
98 Antinomianism of Paul led to western anti semitism which led to Zionism
99 Let happiness pursue you.
100 Criticism can save narcissists from shirk of self deification.
101 Today science is considered innocent until proven guilty. Religion is considered guilty until proven innocent
102 Traditional secularism is more violent than prosperous secularism due to more limited resources.
103 Modern educated orthodox Muslims should not use information overload as a weapon against traditional Muslims
104 The spiritual risk of televangelism lies in the fact that one can become a caller to a personality cult rather than God.
105 Pharisaic loneliness is similar to philosophical loneliness.
106 Submissiveness towards parents builds ethical stamina for altruistic acts.
107 Our parents feel unsafe in a world made unsafe by trying to make whites feel safe.
 108 Pakistani exceptionalism lies in Aryan egolessness
109 Militant atheism seeks gun point rationalizations and verbalizations of faith mostly from ineloquent faithful.
110. Research is like tajwid. One has to be accurate.
111. Awakened ineloquence can outperform sleeping eloquence in terms of outreach.
112. A pharisee is hidden tears in the ink.
113. Sufism is traditional emotional intelligence which is more relatable today than supernatural part.
114. Modernity is more pro traditional than Abrahamic faith which can be anti traditional
114. Islam has the simplicity of E=mc2.
115. Dialectical method is progressive but at deathbed it can make you narcissistic.
116. By the will of God, Iqbal saved Jinnah from Greek over rationalism and we got Pakistan.
117. The attitude towards music distinguishes an orthodox and liberal Muslim.
118. Corruption in traditional cultures is a form of less than smart machiavellianism.
119. Antinomianism reduces God to a playmate.
120. Without God race becomes God.
121. Porn is more mass destructive than polio.
122. Both anarchist daughters in law and dictatorial mothers in law are wrong.
123. The Greek equivalent of Shia Sunni unity would be hagionomosophy.
124. Karbala is a journey from wearing cross to taking cross.
125. That house of Israel should reconcile within itself to be able to reconcile with house of Ishmael
126. We are trans genders of modernity.
127. Alhamdulillah is happiness of happiness.
128. A true Protestant should refuse greece like he refuses rome.
129. What Jews do to Christ is what Jews and Christians do to Ishmael.
130. Happiness is a journey from dysfunctional independence to functional dependence
131. Science is subset of Haq and Haq is superset of science.
132. One likes masochistic restrictions in initial phase of repentance.
133. Islam will make Jesus popular again as one of greatest human beings.
134. Conspiracy theory can be the way laymen speak to power.
135. A comfort zone job which offers you work life balance is worth enjoying.
136. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum is biological Equilibrium and physical Equilibrium respectively.
137. Infinite citations are more important than infinite volumes.
138. Zakir Naik+ Seyyed Hossein Nasr= Harun Yahya
139. An illiterate pashtun woman is worth a thousand feminists.
140. An informed capitalist fears a mediocre orthodox anti interest economist than thousand intelligent socialists.
141. Yemen is antidote to Shiaphobes and Shariahphobes.
142. Why Darwinists should criticize capitalists for being economic Darwinists?
143. Entropy is inevitable. This does not mean we should prefer disorder to order.
144. Finding soulmate requires finding our own soul first.
145. Satan is dictator and anarchist at the same time.
146. Modernity is ablutophobic in Islamic sense.
147. Internet has broken the wall of Gog and Magog.
148. Tunnel vision mysticism is possible.
149. Tabligh movement helped me overcome the fear of public speaking.
150. I have yet to meet a purely apolitical atheist.
151. Ecumenism can handle secularism of the gaps.
152. Being post music is objective post secularity.
153. Staying at Masjid can develop claustrophobia tolerance.
154. Crusades were an unsuccessful holocaust.
155. Traditional illiterate sinners are less criminal than sapiosexual politicians.
156. Pakistani dramas serve Indo Liberal Century.
157. Compliment is the best revenge.
158. Neo-orthodoxy is a form of being twice exceptional due to being culturally intelligent in a sense and culturally disabled in another sense.
159. Keeping commandments and Jewishness of Jesus are the best constructive self pity after Holocaust.
160. Ishmaelite tolerance is the best fruit of Prophethood to erase faithlessness.
161. Some people die in self destructive self pity.
162. Obligation of ablutophobic punctuality can cause identity crisis among modern Muslims due to obsessive comfort zone.
163. Socialism is a controlled non-conformism.
164. Philosophy is polytheistic theosis.
165. Egypt and Pakistan are NRMs of ethical politics.
166. Islam talks about God being closer than jugular vein because it connects brain and heart.
167. Apostasy joke can be supreme cardinal sadism.
168. Traditionalism is a beautiful error.
169. Self critical and self non hating people should build alliances.
170. Modernity is a journey towards high maintenance disordered authenticity which destroys families.
171. Islam will put sainthood back in Valentine.
172. We should try to optimize success to character ratio in match seeking.
173. When modern taboo about death is overcome, both anarchists and dictators will annihilate.
174. Uhud is the mountain of panic zone heroes.
175. Comfort zone is blackhole of Antichrist.
176. The task of a reform saint is to make generosity spontaneous for society unlike philanthropic phariseeism.
177. Being forced to be kind can make you claustrophobically unkind when you actually wanted to be kind.
178. The psychology of psychology was and is phariseeism until it actually embraces neurodiversity non selectively.
179. If religion cures alcoholism, Islam can cure alcohol industry.
180. Idionomic neurodiversity saved traditional culture.
181. Disabled animals are better stoics than modernists.
182. Istighfar is to say that the phrase ‘Do you forgive me’ is more ethical than the phrase ‘I am sorry’
183. Can a pharisee call the emperor naked because his eyes are complicit.
184. Not liking a non dramatic life is a collective disorder of modernity.
185. It is inconsistent for a trinitarian culture to be monogamous.
186. Love without compliance is philosophy. Compliance without love is science. Love with compliance is faith.
187. You cannot eat your cake and still have Christ.
188. Orientalism may be a sinner of inaccuracy but may be not of indifference.
189. All semitic dogma can fit the parsimony of nomosophical perfection and hagiosophical empathy.
190. Science is more boring than religion so they compensate it with hypersexuality.
191. Modernity is induced eureka.
192. UNESCO will not preserve your culture but anti modern Sufis.
193. Antichrist is implicit duopolist alliance of anarchism and dictatorship against centrism.
194. American foreign policy applies classical mechanics to quantum mechanics of Islam which leads to collateral genocide.
195. Eastern kids are suffering due to abusive nazis. eastern culture is suffering due to abusive inquisition
196. Jesus and Abuzar have already non violently defeated both capitalism and anarchism. Others are not genuine Messiahs.
197. Do not play devil’s advocate, play ijtihad’s advocate and mazlum’s advocate.
198. Doormat dialectical Ashari tasawwuf effectively deals with existential boredom.
199. I am a Tawhidi Alawi and I want azan of Atif Aslam on the day of my funeral to make Pakistan stable.
200. Commercialization of Tazkiya and Inner Transformation is more worrying than commercialization of bibliophilia.

201. A true reformer is integral like halocline.

202. Tahawi Zaydi ethics is the current spiritual status of south asia in 15th and 21st century.

203. My wife is a daughter of Fatimah but enjoys commandments more than agape like Mary.

204. A Mujaddid sees a progressive opportunity in odium theologicum.

205. American Muslims have more adab and respectful etiquette towards yunan than Quran.

206. Modernity destroys ethnohagiosophy and weaponizes it at the same time.

207. Post secularism is acknowledging that odicum seclorum is as outdated as odicum theologicum.

208. Wudu is the mass reformation praxis of post secular anti secularism.

209. Fideistic stoic unitarian monotheism is too much for both modern and traditional minds to deconstruct.

210. Hawking likes black holes but he doesn’t want the idea of black holes to end up in a black hole.

211. Science is sunnah of God.

212. Worthless mysteries can make you worthy.

213. Science is not omniscient about quantum mechanics too, this does not mean science is false.

214. Apolitical Pakistani scientists deserve to be regarded and empowered as the pinnacle of prayerful post deistic technocracy

215. Islamophobia involves a love-hate and approach-avoidance based cognitive dissonance.

216. Science is a war of successful neurodiversity against vulnerable neurodiversity

217. Ghamidi is Bernard Lewis of neo-Mutazila.

218. The difference between a thiqa Jafari and communist is of ethical resistance

Quran 4:148, feminism and sexual revolution

I am a son of Middle East. My mother is a veiled zoologist. She can be outspoken but she never felt the need to borrow western feminism to do that. Verses like Quran 4:148 talk about liberation theology of protest against oppressors. We have protestors against military industrial cultural complex like Merwa Sherbini and Dr Afia. But these voices will rarely get attention in west due to sexual revolution. If feminism is universal it should also represent orthodox Muslim women who disagree with sexual revolution.


To anti-blasphemy dictatorial followers of Prophetic praxis

السلام عليکم اللہ شھدائے خلافت ام المومنين رضی اللہ عنھا کے بھائی محمد بن ابوبکر رضی اللہ عنہ ، عمار بن ياسر رضی اللہ عنہ اور حجر بن عدی رضی اللہ عنہ کی روحوں پر رحم فرماۓ اور سب سنيوں کو عثمان بن عفان رضی اللہ عنہ والا صبر و حلم عطا فرماۓ جنھوں نے جان دے دی ليکن ہابيل کی طرح تنقيد کرنے والوں کے خلاف تلوار نہيں اٹھائی
To anti-blasphemy dictatorial followers of Prophetic praxis, that is pro-Umayyad Sunnis: May God be merciful to the souls of martyrs of righteous Caliphate which include the brother of Mother of Believers among others, and may God bless all Sunnis with the patience and tolerance of third Caliph who like Abel sacrificed his life but did not use force against his protesting critics.

Tank McNamara and sectarianism

{ Sunni Islam is a prime example and has several sects (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafiʿi, Hanbali, and Ẓāhirī) that vary rather significantly.} Being a Prima Scriptura Hanafi I do not think they are sects rather they are schools because we disagree on minor issues like where to place hands during prayers. You can say that Hanafi Ottomans and Salafi Saudis politicized this divide but even now the major Salafi scholar Albani had a Hanafi father with a degree of mutual respect. Even Sunni Shafiis and Zaydi Shias have a history of co-existence in Yemen before Iranian and modernist influence. Modern hypersexuality provokes our sectarian narcissism as a defense mechanism against temptations. because both sexual and sectarian other is seen through a xenophobic lens. I have transcended all the sects and now I follow an intra-Ishmaelic and even intra-Abrahamic conservative anti-secular ecumenism.