Can the Gospel Coalition Australia embrace the Newtonian prima scriptura?

Wow. Shalom the divine peace may be upon those who follow divine guidance. This was an amazing reading. I am wondering why it is without comments for almost an year. This perfectly describes the historical trajectory of not only Christendom but the same ideas apply to birth of Karaite movement in Jewry and Salafi movement in the Ishmaelite world. This is an important sentence: Sola Scriptura does not promise, and does not deliver, an infallible church. There is a debate in our faith tradition about the meaning of the the sacred texts about the interplay between Quran and Prophetic praxis at the historical advent and the continuing interplay between Quran and Prophetic descendants. The Twelver doctrine treats Prophetic descendants as infallible. The Sunni doctrine treats the consensus of the entire community as infallible. The middle community or the Ishmaeltic Ebionites called the Zaydis who are the pro-Sunnah Shias treat individual Prophetic descendants as fallible but consensus of Prophetic descendants to be infallible. I also think that if one absolutely rejects the mystic tradition in favour of blindly anti-traditionalist Sola Scriptura, one can end up being a deist and finally an atheist. So, a think one should be skeptically traditionalist rather than being an anti-traditonalist while being a sola scriptura missionary. God bless you and may he guide you to Arian Catholic sainthood, Newtonian sola scriptura unitarianism and pronomianism of Ebionites. There is no salvation without first and greatest commandment to love our Creator especially with all our MINDS. I hope they are Scriptural enough to publish my Ebionitic comment.



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