Indiscriminate hagiocratic zeal and sexual revolution

The Prophetic descendants he loves were multicultural enough to build our Pakistani and Bengali societies. But his hagiocratic zeal although commendable in moderation explains the violence in Syria. I am not sure about his own biological roots while I am biologically related to the supreme human being and object of love in Shia Islam. I share his criticism of sexual revolution, but he seems to think Iran can cure it alone, which is very narcissistic like narcissistic Salafism.


To a liberal Christian cynic about biological legacy of Islam

Let the children of Fatimah peace be upon her not forget that Imam Ali peace be upon him did not want to do injustice even to ants, otherwise Imamis will decline like Ismailis and Zaydis

Greg Logan Ishmael Abraham. The fact is you have absolutely no idea whether any of that is historical or factual – most likely it is just wives tales
Ishmael Abraham A Prophetic descendant is ruling Iran and challenging US and Israel. Prophetic descendants in Yemen are challenging Trump-Saudi alliance. Prophetic descendant Agha Khan is a major public figure in modern west. Religion is not a fairy tale for us but a living reality. You forgot Ishmael. God made his legacy global and intractable.

Islam, Christianity and narcissistic victim syndrome

I am an orthodox Muslim with some narcissistic family members. I am raised a Sunni and I like Shia attitude towards narcissistic anti-religious or pseudo-religious dictators. Now I am a semi-Sunni semi-Shia Zaydi. Shias cites Quran 4:148 as the Scriptural basis for being outspoken when you suffer abuse. Religion neither teaches blind anarchism nor blind obedience. Rather a optimal middle path of moderate respectful rebellion on that spectrum. Reza Aslan has shown rebellious elements in early Christianity which are different from modern socialism.

Prayer for divine protection by Prophetic descendant

Quran 14:4 and multiculturalism

What is the biblical perspective on multiculturalism?

Chris Lee, Neo-Evangelical Protestant Christian, ecclesiology, apologist, M.Div. GCTS
I don’t think the Bible outright addresses the issue of multiculturalism, but H. Richard Niebuhr did write a book, “Christ and Culture." There are five paradigms:

1. Christ against culture — there are times where specific elements of culture or a culture itself is antithetical to Christianity. For instance, until the Edict of Toleration by Constantine, Christianity and the Roman Empire were at odds in many ways.

This also occurs when Christianity is a minority within a larger culture that isn’t even nominally Christian. So to be Christian is to be very different — and a Christian cannot accept these things in culture that are against his or her beliefs. And some of the downsides of this belief is often “circling the wagons" and an “us vs. them mentality."

2. Christ of Culture — there are times when cultures are aligned with Christianity. When Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and in certain red states of the USA, being Christian was consonant with the general culture.

Unfortunately this also leads to nominalization among some other problems. If Christianity is the official religion, then people just put “Christian" in front of their titles (e.g., “I’m a Christian plumber" or “I’m a Christian fisherman") — but were people really Christians or were they just going along with culture?

3. Christ above culture — there are those who believe our faith has nothing to do with culture and is above culture so to speak — or that is impossible to separate human culture from the grace of God. So culture is neither good nor bad.

This tends to be the paradigm within the Catholic Church. The upside is that this view tends to balance both Christians being involved with culture and yet God as outside of culture, sustaining it. The main downside is that cultural elements can become syncretized within Christianity (e.g., you can worship your family idols as well as worship God).

4. Christ and Culture in Paradox — while there is cooperation within culture and Christianity, there exists also conflict between culture and Christianity.

Niebuhr himself though that this position is static and that the Christian loses the voice to say anything meaningful in/to culture — since this view would just accept culture as is.

5. Christian transforming Culture — an extension of the fourth view, but deliberately, Christians have sought to change elements that are unChristian or antithetical to their beliefs.


Love poetry of Ali bin Abi Talib for his wife

أتغيب يا عود الأراك بثغرها
… ما خفت يا عود الأراك أراكَ
لو كنت أهلًا للقتال قتلتك…
ما فاز مني يا سواكُ سواكَ
هكذا أنشد على بن أبى طالب، رضي الله عنه، غزلًا في السيدة فاطمة بنت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم حينما رآها تستخدم المسواك
How lucky is the tooth leaning twig to be touched by the blessed mouth.

Post righteous kingdom and trinity/antinomianism of Ishmaelites

The bloodshed in Syria is in the name of hatred of first post righteous king named Ameer Mu’awiyah and the bloodshed in Yemen is in the name of love of this post righteous king making it the political trinity of Ishmaelites. Or like Paul who is loved by Gentiles and hated by pronomian Semites. Both appear to disagree with the idea of genetic primacy of righteous Semites and Ishmaelitic Prophetic descendants. This line of thinking makes it plausible that Jewish Einstein had a tendency towards Shia Islam. I am a semi-Shia pro-Zaydi Sunni like Nasai and Shawkani.

Alperovich Anatoly I would love if you explain about shia

Ishmael Abraham They are like zionist rabbis of Ishmaelites. Zionist rabbis want to bring Jewish Moshiach into power while they want to bring Ishmaelite Mahdi into power. But both will be disappointed when Messiah and Mahdi ends up opposing them.
 Both need apolitical Scriptural spirituality to recognize the true Mahdi and Messiah.

Silent treatment of unjust brothers

Ishmaelite Prophetic descendant Imam Sadiq peace be upon him said: An oppressed brother should say to the unjust brother:" I am the oppressor" and should not give him silent treatment. God is just and he will give back the oppressed person his right.

فليرجع المظلوم إلى صاحبه حتى يقول له : يا أخي !.. أنا الظالم حتى ينقطع الهجران فيما بينهما ، إنّ الله تبارك وتعالى حَكَمٌ عدل يأخذ للمظلوم من الظالم