Night of Siffin: Dialogue with a religious Talmudic Jew regarding Zuckerberg, Shema and lost tribes

Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham sorry , i had a post of lost tribes in afghan . I dont know why they deleted it
Ishmael Abraham Israeli govt or fb admin?
Alperovich Anatoly Lol. I think fb, it was Israeli post .
Ishmael Abraham But Zuckerberg is Jewish too?
Ishmael Abraham But he is secular.
Alperovich Anatoly I will try to check now.
Alperovich Anatoly Yes, i think he is .
Alperovich Anatoly So… your tribesman as well .
Alperovich Anatoly Tislam, Ishmael.
Ishmael Abraham Shalom on truth seekers.  It is written in sacred Islamic texts that God will grant victory to children of Isaac peace be upon him without weapons through dhikr or reciting the remembrance of God by glorifying Him and His holy names. That’s why I told you never to forget reciting Shema before sleeping. Ishmaelite leader of saints Imam Ali(as) said that I did not forget reciting dhikr even during the night of battle of Siffin which was a civil war. So, do not forget that even in the most stressful and anxious days of your life until you die.
Alperovich Anatoly Thank you for that , i remember .


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