Losing earth, winning armageddon: A family member apologizes for angry non reciprocation after a medical emergency

Asa. I wanted to reach out and see how things are going. There’s a lot going on for me and I just felt the need to apologize. I never meant to hurt you. But I would get frustrated with the things you would say. And you wouldn’t see my POV and I couldn’t see yours. And etc. I forgive anything you said that hurt or offended me and I hope you do the same. Sometimes, in life, things just happen. And these things remind us to stay humble. They make us think of others and make us review past mistakes and push us to try and make things right. For me, my health is at a new low right now. Keep me in your prayers. My reply: Was. In any medical emergency recite this prayer which was recited by the best couple on earth and in heaven at their deathbed. { https://sunnah.com/muslim/39/61 } Like the best male companion in history, I have now chosen the friends of heaven instead of earthly love to win the armageddon. If I lose earth and win the armageddon, I would prefer winning the armageddon. Some people win both, but I could not. I wrote a longer reply before, but the wise thing is not to ride the roller coaster again. May be decades later, you should explore the longer version.



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