Nussbaum, Islamic apocrypha and Israeli professor: “The prostitute and the professor of philosophy”

Nussbaum writes: These two figures have a very interesting similarity: Both provide bodily services in areas that are generally thought to be especially intimate and definitive of selfhood. Just as the prostitute takes money for sex, which is commonly thought to be an area of intimate self-expression, so the professor takes money for thinking and writing about what he thinks-about morality, emotion, the nature of knowledge, whatever-all parts of a human being’s intimate search for understanding of the world and self-understanding. It was precisely for this reason that the medieval thinkers …Saw such a moral problem about philosophizing for money: It should be a pure spiritual gift and it is degraded by the receipt of a wage. The fact that we do not think that the professor… Thereby alienates her mind or turns her thoughts into commodities-even when she writes a paper for a specific conference or volume should put us on our guard about making similar conclusions in the case of the prostitute (Nussbaum, 1998)
A Waqifi Shia narrator narrates a Hadith that who will use Quran for earning will come on the Day of Judgement in such a state that there will be no flesh on his face only skeleton. This narrator is criticized by both Sunni and Shia scholars. Some say it is a quote of the blessed Companion, Buraidah Al-Aslami, and not a Hadith.
Amihud Gilead University of Haifa Faculty Member, Department of Philosophy May shalom be upon the truth seekers. I am an orthodox Muslim electrical engineer from Pakistan. I enjoyed your article on philosophical prostitution. I enjoyed your comparison of puritanical rationalizers of slavery and philosophical rationalizers of prostitution. I have referenced the sacred texts which Nussbaum vaguely refers to in her argument on my blog. Thanks again.


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