Tank McNamara and sectarianism

{ Sunni Islam is a prime example and has several sects (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafiʿi, Hanbali, and Ẓāhirī) that vary rather significantly.} Being a Prima Scriptura Hanafi I do not think they are sects rather they are schools because we disagree on minor issues like where to place hands during prayers. You can say that Hanafi Ottomans and Salafi Saudis politicized this divide but even now the major Salafi scholar Albani had a Hanafi father with a degree of mutual respect. Even Sunni Shafiis and Zaydi Shias have a history of co-existence in Yemen before Iranian and modernist influence. Modern hypersexuality provokes our sectarian narcissism as a defense mechanism against temptations. because both sexual and sectarian other is seen through a xenophobic lens. I have transcended all the sects and now I follow an intra-Ishmaelic and even intra-Abrahamic conservative anti-secular ecumenism. 





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