What does Mr Beans and an orthodox Muslim have in common? Ethical humour.

Regardless of the fake news, may this message reach Rowan Atkins. The post was written assuming he has died: Quran talks about exploring commonalities with your audience. I vividly remember the day of my youth when my orthodox father called us to his bedroom during the unexpected sunnah time of afternoon nap to share with us something important: Mr Beans. But what appealed to him in this century when political scientists with imperial mindsets declare a clash of civilizations. It was ethical humour which I think is a universal value as effective in outreach as interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Although on close scrutiny an ultra orthodox Muslim would find the naked Mr Beans at the pool objectionable like the angry face he made towards the sky at a funeral but his humour did not habitually employ modern sexual revolution or modern atheist blasphemy. Although he appeared to be a secular person but I would blame it on intellectual and moral failures of Christianity.




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