Post righteous kingdom and trinity/antinomianism of Ishmaelites

The bloodshed in Syria is in the name of hatred of first post righteous king named Ameer Mu’awiyah and the bloodshed in Yemen is in the name of love of this post righteous king making it the political trinity of Ishmaelites. Or like Paul who is loved by Gentiles and hated by pronomian Semites. Both appear to disagree with the idea of genetic primacy of righteous Semites and Ishmaelitic Prophetic descendants. This line of thinking makes it plausible that Jewish Einstein had a tendency towards Shia Islam. I am a semi-Shia pro-Zaydi Sunni like Nasai and Shawkani.

Alperovich Anatoly I would love if you explain about shia

Ishmael Abraham They are like zionist rabbis of Ishmaelites. Zionist rabbis want to bring Jewish Moshiach into power while they want to bring Ishmaelite Mahdi into power. But both will be disappointed when Messiah and Mahdi ends up opposing them.
 Both need apolitical Scriptural spirituality to recognize the true Mahdi and Messiah.


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