Why am I non-blind admirer of Imam Busairi?

A Shia friend criticizes Sola Scriptura believers for calling Naat a heresy.
Ishmael Abraham I love Qasida Burda because Imam Busairi also wrote poetry against Jews and Christians. But I think  bhar do jholi, manzur dua karna, and khoti qismat karo khari were not written by alim poets.
I love this: لَوْ نَـاسَـبَتْ قَـدْرَهُ آيـَاتُهُ عِظَمـاً أَحْيَـا اسْمُهُ حِيْنَ يُـدْعَى دَارِسَ الرِّمَمِ
If his miracles were proportionate (according) to his (A) rank in greatness, then his (A) name, when called out, would have brought decaying bones back to life.
The miracle of Quran is greater than supernatural miracles because it will inspire informed faith in an age of naturalism.



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