An American secularist criticizes an ignorant Christian for being unkind to me on my birthday :)

Jerry Sexton Thomas, Allah is never mentioned in the Bible, but “Elah", which is a generic term for God was used, and not in the context that you use with inserting your own words into scripture. It seems to me that you use much of your time on Abraham’s wall to express your hatred, and you don’t even take a break from it on his birthday. Is this the real Christianity?
Ishmael Abraham I love his ignorant faith more than the militant non-faith of those atheists uninformed about Islam. 😉 And, you are neither militant nor uninformed 🙂
Julie Darlene Skidmore Like Nicodemus, one can be religious and not be born again.
Ishmael Abraham But one should not be like Marcion too 🙂
Jerry Sexton I would love to be with my grandparents again. I wish there were an afterlife, I wish that it was as easy as making a choice.

Were your forefathers Catholics, because Sexton is apparently a catholic concept. I wanted to be the sexton of my village Mosque, but I finally chose not to be like Buddha. 🙂 Otherwise, if I remained as a sexton there, I could not have known a descendant of Christian sextons 🙂 Try reciting Rabbi Yassir a lot if you like especially before sleeping because sleep is a simulation of death which means O God make it easy for me. Overcoming existential dysphoria is possible with divine grace if we are ethically and metaphysically curious. I also pray for you. Rabbi Yassir lahu. O God make it easy for him. Today, Pakistanis celebrate the non-orthodox birthday of our Ishmaelite Hero in imitation of your forefathers’ celebrations of Christmas. Thanks for being kind to me on my birthday and Mawlid 🙂


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