Thanking a complimentary Shia friend, after God made me see the Shia-Sunni complementarity :)

Hussain Murtaza Dr Muhammad Iqbal didn’t have Facebook when he was 29. You must be a genius to be diversely well educated and knowledgeable at 29. My Android isn’t too comfortable with Facebook these days, I apologize if the “complimentary" note is a short one.
Hussain Murtaza It is really getting on my nerves how often people confuse “complimentary” and “complementary.”
If I say nice things about you, then I am giving you a compliment and so I am being complimentary (note the “i” in the middle). If you and I have different skills that make us work together in a more complete way than we could do individually, we complement each other. So we are complementary (note the “e” in the middle). See “complimentary” and “complementary” at Merriam-Webster for more information.
The version to use when you mean that something is free is “complimentary.”
Ishmael Abraham Thanks for being complimentary. I thank One God for seeing the Shia-Sunni complementarity. Dr. Iqbal is said to visit orthodox scholars Anwar Shah Kashmiri and Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi. But we need a greater pious modernist- orthodox traditionalist complementarity. I can see such complementarity in relationship of Mustafa Tabatabai and Ayatollah Borqei.


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