Authentic Torah Zionism and how greco-roman pagan culture tries to destroy it

Ishmael Abraham Hertzl was anything but orthodox.
James Lay Zionism predates Hertzl, he may have been responsible for the modern take on it but it’s integral to the Jewish culture and religion.
Ishmael Abraham We believe in Torah Zionism too which means that God’s laws should prevail in the Holy Land. But heretic Godless Zionists use that desire of believers to advance gay rights and greco-roman paganism of western culture.
James Lay Nothing wrong with gay rights or the Greco-Roman pagan culture.
Ishmael Abraham The cultural imperialists think like that. But we are not like Native Americans, we have Quran.
James Lay Native Americans had less of a hangup about homosexuality than their European western counterparts. In fact homosexuality has more of a stigma in the judeo Christian islamic traditions. The Quran doesn’t mean anything to me, it has the same position as any other holy book.
Ishmael Abraham But their traditional culture has been completely obliterated. And, we and our future generations will keep resisting it. Prostitution arrived in North America with the early European settlers. According to The Reader’s Companion to American History, there was no Native American counterpart to the purchase of sexual favors (Gilfoyle)


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