A Shia believer shares a story from a book about ten vanguard Companions

A rare sacred manuscript unavailable on internet about the virtues of ten vanguard Companions. It’s name is Riyad An-Nazirah fi Manaqib Al-Asharah.
My response to an Urdu-speaking Shia believer who shared that: Allah humain dono khazano se istifaday ki tawfiq de. Yeh kitab un 10 Ashab(r) ke baray me he jin ke baray me Shaheede Ahlebayt Hazrat Saeed bin Jubayr(r) farmatay he: Yeh 10 Namaz me apke peechay sab se qareeb hotay awr jang me apke agay apkay sab se qareeb hotay.
May God allow us to benefit from both treasures of sacred knowledge. This book is about the virtues of the ten vanguard Companions about whom the martyr of Prophetic family, Saeed bin Jubayr, remarked: These ten were the vanguard both in the congregation and in the battlefield.



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