Story of repentance of an alcoholic Prophetic descendant

A Prophetic descendant was a professed alcoholic. He once visited a student of knowledge for some help, but he did not allow him to enter his home, so he came back sadly. During journey to pilgrimage, a scholar among Prophetic descendants did not allow that student to enter his presence, so he wept. When he wept he was allowed to enter. He asked why he was refused although he loved the Prophetic family. He replied: Because you refused entry to my cousin. He wept again and stated: I only did this so that he repents from alcohol. The scholar replied: Respect them any way otherwise you will become a loser. When he came back, the same cousin came again. This time the student respected him a lot. The cousin was surprised. Then he told him the story of the scholar during pilgrimage. He felt guilty and repented. He came back to home and destroyed the bottles of alcohol, and started spending time in Masjid until death and then he was buried near a pious female Prophetic descendant.

This is an important lesson for physical Jews.



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