War of globalized sexual revolution against orthodox traditionalists

Wow so Jesus(p) likes fornication as long as republicans do it

Ishmael Abraham I am happy Jim Englert that it makes you sad, like me. But, most people find the sins of traditionalists funny.

Jim Englert Medieval scholastics had an adage, corruption optimi pessima / the very best thing, when corrupted, is the worst thing of all. Genuine religious faith, grace drawing us into divine life, is the optima, the fulfillment of human life for which we are destined. When that is corrupted, as it is in such farce as today, it becomes worse than secularism. Secularists ignore the Transcendect, at worst deny it. But corrupted religious folks deface Transcendence, disfigure it, such that the world turns away from it in horror. And, yes, this saddens me. Deeply.

Ishmael Abraham I am horrified by globalization of co-education and porn because they make temptations accessible to most orthodox traditionalists. I heard that even in Vatican someone tried to download porn. And, the sadistic laughter of modernists was deafening.



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