Responding to an inconsistent modernist criticism of a sensual Paradise

Ishmael Abraham Why are you jealous of our voluptuous girlfriends in heaven when you don’t even believe in heaven? An atheist said that a Christian heaven without marriage is like hell. So, Quran is addressing and rectifying a Christian heresy.
Ishmael Abraham Anticipating a qualitatively and quantitatively higher reward makes you a braver soldier in this cultural war against temptations. This is God’s strategy to defeat greatest modern sexual revolution in human history.
Ishmael Abraham Are your sex robots a beautiful vision of women?
Ishmael Abraham A plagiarism would make scientific accuracy impossible. For example, Christians believe in a global flood, while Islam teaches only eight animals were on Ark which is rationally consistent. And, how is a sensual Paradise in Quran a plagiarism of asexual Christian heaven? 
Ishmael Abraham If you believe in sex positivity you cannot criticize the plural marriage in this world or the next to be consistent in your worldview.
Ishmael Abraham According to Islam, female sexual intimacy is most probably qualitative in nature rather than quantitative. However, Quran also promises that every possible sensual delight which people including faithful sisters demand will be there. 


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