Need of an accurate but defiant Eastern occidentalism

Reading again …

“The West has produced many orientalists who have studied Islam from their own point of view, but the Islamic world has produced very few occidentalists who can study the various aspects of Western civilization from its science to art, from religion to social behavior, from the Islamic point of view." — Seyyed Hossein Nasr

Hasan Mahfooz Sayyid Nasr studied the western political philosophy and his views got pretty distorted. Why?
Ishmael Abraham Our traditional occidenatlism is not a monologue. Secular Muslims believe in an inaccurate overestimating occidentalism while traditional Muslims believe in a blind xenophobia which is at times necessary to preserve traditional culture, like orientalism is an attempt to preserve western cultural supremacy. Of course, we want the supremacy of faith, and not necessarily all traditional culture. So, we need an informed and accurate occidentalism based on truthfulness as well as spiritual xenophobia aimed at resisting temptations. 


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