Recite and Ascend: Is memorizing the Quranic Arabic text redundant in 21st century?

If a Muslim is jailed for life, and he isn’t given a copy of Quran ( like secular dictators did to a Muslim scholar, who knew Quran makes them happy) and he has memorized Quran, he has got a great comforting Companion until death. Ishmaelite Prophetic descendant Imam Zayn Al-Abidin(p) said: If everyone from East and West died, I would not feel alone if I had Quran. Of course, those who are comforted by strippers, vulgar music and alcohol cannot understand the spiritual euphoria involved . I wish I memorize Quran too before dying so that I can ascend one of the highest ranks in the multiverse of Paradise, according to the text: Recite and Ascend, where people from lower ranks cannot ascend to higher ranks, but people from higher ranks can descend to lower ranks.



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