Protestant reformation, Muslim revivers and divisive traditionalists

To an apostate calling for ‘reform’ of Islam: Protestant reformation was actually a deformation because it led to both secularization and still clinging to Catholic trinitarian heresy so western idea of reform is to become a hypocrite. Islam has revivers in every century. For example, Afghani, Nadwi, Shariati, Azad and Iqbal who taught ummah to be honest in the face of hypocritical modernity as well as divisive traditionalism.

Hussain Murtaza Azad and Shariati were more of corrupters than revivers, if at all they were revivers – a claim which I am.highly skeptical about.
Ishmael Abraham Better than divisive sects leading to bloodshed of Syria and Yemen.
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham Do you honestly believe that Abul Kalam Azad’s pro Congress liberalism was a viable solution to the sectarian problem. Such artificial solution never work. I would rather have a more authentic mainstream reformer like Shah Waliullah.
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham And Ali Shariati was practically a communist, feigning Islamism to intrude into the mainstream of Islamic discourse.
Ishmael Abraham Shah Waliullah’s son rejected Twelvers rather than embracing the Prophetic family.
Martson Amjorn Both practices should be audited to make it fair. Some religious practictices are completely too radical for me to tolerate. Particularly things that limit free will. 
Ishmael Abraham Mutazilah rationalists preferred freewill over determinism. Modern self-deification is too radical for the pious. To make both fair, we should criticize both fatalism and modern grandiose delusions.

The dialogue with Muslim world , the sane majority , has crucial importance.
It is not a fancy dream of peace of previous generations, but vital necessity of them today

Ishmael Abraham We should reject the divisive traditionalism of previous generations and grandiose delusions of future generations for future of dialogue about God’s rights and human rights.


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