Morocco and Iran play football

Moroccans have a moderate Zaydi history compared to Twelver extremism in Iran. Moroccans have a history of Prophetic descendants through Imam Hasan(p) and Iranians have a history of Prophetic descendants through Imam Husain(p).

Hussain Murtaza Morocco king is corrupt, evil and pro Zionist.
Ishmael Abraham Did he play role in bloodshed of either Syria or Yemen?
Hussain Murtaza Ishmael Abraham He can’t, he’s too lazy and far away from the action. Ordinary Moroccans are aggressively secular, still unpleasantly Takfiri. I have observed them. Many say Moroccan beaches have more vulgarity than European beaches. The king often openly makes offensive negative remarks regarding Established Islamic beliefs and practices.
Bin Abid Atharii Morrocons were Never a zaydi Majority rather ,their were very few rulers of early idrisi empire who espoused zaydi beliefs ,rest rulers were Malikis and Morocco always had a Strong Abadiya community with a Slight Sunni Majority just like in Neighboring Algeria and Libya.
Ishmael Abraham Imam Malik was a Zaydi in the sense that he allowed the khuruj of Nafs Az Zakiyyah.
Bin Abid Atharii In that sense all Muslims are Jews since we believe Sahifa of Ibrahim and Musa .
Bin Abid Atharii Zaydi Fiqh is different from Malikis and zaydi Mutazilla aqeda is also extremely opposed to Maliki
Ishmael Abraham Zaydi Fiqh is close to Hanafi Fiqh in usul.
Bin Abid Atharii Khariji ibadi fiqqa is also close to hanafites.


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