Dialogue with a probably Irish conservative Catholic

Shalom. God bless the knights of Christ and Mary peace be upon both, deus vult in spiritual sense.
David Serraino-Meide accepted your request.
Inashallah we will both survive the evils of this Zionist world. You are truly a great example of a tolerant and loving Muslim, my brother.
Pope is too politically correct. I heard about porn reaching even Vatican. If we failed to resist sexual revolution and atheism, we will lose divine assistance through the armies of angels. Protestants fail to love Mary peace be upon her, as she deserves, but I think disciples did not believe in theotokos. I am not recommending Sola Scriptura but Prima Scriptura along with intelligent and selective traditionalism.
You have a blessed name. David peace be upon him was a king and still he fasted on alternate days.
Why aren’t you an imam?? You should be!!! You could be a messenger for Allah!
I am a messenger of Messenger of Allah 🙂 I share a joke. Once on youtube someone compared an explosion on the sun to ejaculation which I criticized so they thought I was a Catholic. It reminded me of the power of Catholicism. 🙂
The thing is that both Catholics and Muslims can indeed love one another and live together in harmony, but the Zionists and Jesuits don’t want it.
Aren’t Jesuits Political Catholics?
*Political Pawns and Zionists in disguise is what Jesuits are. They’ve destroyed the Holy Church by ridding all the true Christianity of it. Much like how hate Imams give Islam a bad rapport.
Do you think that God-fearing Jesuits exist? Or are you completely apolitical?
Some probably exist but most are in it for the politics
The same is true for Islamists. There are many Isamists who are executed by secularists for speaking against Zionism and sexual revolution, but in their ranks are people who do not fear God and end up serving Zionists. Can you tell me about a good Jesuit? If you are apolitical, do you believe in becoming a monk?
A good Jesuit will love all and rule the catholic hierarchy with a conservative and iron fist. I believe in becoming a monk, yes. But there needs to be a more strict screening to keep the mentally ill out
Can you name a good Jesuit however imperfect. I think introverts/schizoids make great monks.
Not off the top of my head I cannot. Most of my priests are Irish-born and just diocesan priests.
Was IRA right? Were they Jesuits?
Some but not all. IRA cost many people their lives and it was a shame. Ireland is so secular nowadays it’s insane. I want old-school Anglicanism to come back.
Has Ireland embraced gay rights? We are responsible for secularism due to our divisive egos.
Much of Ireland has, yes. It’s very sad. What are Islams views on abortion?
Due to health issues, abortion may be kosher but most abortions are due to sin.
I work with a Pakistani Muslim woman and she’s so tolerant toward my religion. Gives me hope in this world.
But most Muslim emigrants to West are liberal, I think respectful theological debate is better than secular tolerance or indifference.



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