To an ex Ismaili who is impressed by western enlightenment

Which enlightenment values? Sexual revolution and greedy industrial revolution.
Abdullah Sameer Values of freedom of conscience, values of respect and tolerance for all regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality.
Ishmael Abraham Provided that secularists are in power, but if the pious are in power, then no respect for them, right? And, why should I respect an animal act called sex?
If you are from Pakistan, founder of Pakistan, Jinnah was also Ismaili but he realised that Ismaili antinomianism leads to secularization so he switched to pronomian Ithna Ashari just like you initially switched to pronomian Sunni. You never experienced traditional enlightenment in the sense of Averroes or Ghazali so you felt inferiority complex vis-a-vis western machiavellian enlightenment which is only focused on improving efficiency rather than ethical progress . I feel more at home with ethical and spiritual enlightenment.
Pakistan was secularized by sword of British colonialism so this person is a victim of internalized cultural colonialism like you.


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