Farhud and waiting for Messiah without supporting Goliath

Ishmael Abraham Quran mentions synagogues with respect. So, if men of synagogues support Torah, Muslims should support them, but if they support Goliath, then they should re-read Torah.
Alperovich Anatoly That one obviously support torah, not Goliath. Besides . Nice to have someone to share allegorical metaphors .
Alperovich Anatoly Today is bikurim , the farhud day

Ishmael Abraham Incidents like that make me think that orthodox people should avoid politics until Messiah comes.

Alperovich Anatoly The problem, who rules us then?
Ishmael Abraham Our Prophet(p) taught that when both sides of war are unholy, one should break his sword and go to wilderness and eat the roots of trees. Early Jewish sects went to caves to save themselves from Hellenistic paganism.

Ishmael Abraham One can become a monk even within technology by focusing people towards God during daily conversations while visiting synagogue/mosque on daily basis.



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