How secularism marginalizes and radicalizes the faithful

About a Christian extremist: If secularism did not marginalize people like him and educated about faith intelligently and respectfully we would not have marginalized extremists like him.

Nick Elam How does secularism marginalize people?
Ishmael Abraham By denying discussion and expression of religion in schools, politics and public sphere.

Nick Elam Most secularists I know actually advocate for the teaching of religions, our problem is with forcing children to believe something before they’re old enough to make that decision themselves. As far as politics goes, you can express yourself all you want. We only have a problem if someone tries to use their religion to take away the rights of others.
Ishmael Abraham Most famous atheists stigmatize religion so that people feel ashamed, terrified and diffident of identifying with religion. It is a form of IQ shaming. People do not choose to be intelligent, and even people with average IQ have a right to a spiritual identity without intellectual shaming. I think children in West did not choose to be born in an atmosphere of sexual revolution. There is no way to save children under 18 who are brainwashed by porn. They cannot choose to have a traditional sexuality. Even if I were raised in US I would not be able to avoid pre-marital sex, but thanks God my father returned from US.


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