To an Egyptian secularist who admires Martin Luther King Jr

Comments on video:
I am happy that you mentioned both liberal phariseeism and pseudo-religious phariseeism. I say pseudo-religious because Quran says la tazakku anfusakum ‘Do not call yourself pure because He knows best who really fears and respects Him’.
Some say Egyptian secularism is due to egoistic DNA of Pharaohs. Do you descend from Pharaohs or Ishmaelites?
Would secularists normalize fundamentalist dissent of modern culture?
Imam Ali peace be upon him taught before Martin Luther King that ‘Men are enemies of what they are ignorant about’.
Inbox Message:
Peace on truth seekers. I am engaging in dialogue with atheists in general including ex Muslims. I find your approach more inclusive than popular militant atheism and even other ex Muslim groups. I also admire your view that truth is more important than spotlight which can be seen in other militant and exclusivist ex Muslims. You have expressed inclusivism of secular Muslims in your speech but I hope if you also embrace polite and law-abiding orthodox traditionalist Muslims in your discourse it would help to overcome the cultural xenophobia we face even in our own cultures on daily basis simply for not having a modernist attire or lifestyle. May God give everyone the passion, courage and energy to seek truth before dying.
I admire ex Muslims who say they are open-minded to converting back to Islam.
Did you change your mind or heart about hijab. Was it a new cognition or new sentience? While living in US these new cognitions and new sentiences are more likely to be secular because of geographical happenstance. Eastern apostates evade geographical happenstance but they do not happen to be very intelligent either about faith or reason.
I have noticed that critics of religion from intellectually mature backgrounds like Pakistan and Egypt tend to be more nuanced and less bigoted than critics of religion from sectarian backgrounds like Saudi Arabia and Iran.


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