Conversation with westernized Eastern critics of Islam

You talked about female Prophets. Quran mentions the faithful female queen of Sheba in Yemen. However, I do not think modern woman can or want to live like hypothetical female Prophets. The highest state of female saints is Fatimah peace be upon her, and she is called Batul because she disconnected from outside world to remember God, an ideal virtually impossible for many modern women. So, demanding something that is either not feasible or only an expression of ego is not fair.
Recently, I learnt that Islamic scholars like Al-Ashari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Hazm believed in female Prophets, based on verses like Quran 3:42 where angels speak to Mary peace be upon her. But she was also focused on worship and disconnecting from outside world.
If you were worried about those characters, it was based on a popular misunderstanding of Scripture. What have the Muslim community done to reach out to humanity to say that the argument is conclusive for them. There are more translations of Bible than Quran in the world.
To ask a Muslim layman is eternal suffering just would not be ethical because they do not know about the Scriptural nuance that those who were raised in an atmosphere of spiritual confusion are unable to find truth in it full intellectual and spiritual essence. Sacred texts teach that it is up to God to make truth known to people. The deserved suffering is after a person understands the truth but still is reluctant due to social pressure and ego.
Isn’t cultural insularity of traditional Muslims not better than becoming the victim of cultural imperialism.
Bernie endorses Linda because she condones gay rights.
Ex Muslim movement is all about the communication gap created by secularization. If these people as children engaged as intimately with intelligent orthodox Muslims as much as the ubiquitous western culture, there would be lesser apostasies.
Anti-traditionalist cultural xenophobia may be is a better term than Islamophobia.
Anti-Muslim bigotry is as ineffective in stopping violence in Middle East as Ex Muslim indifference to orthodox voices.
I like the term jihadist although having a malicious intent for foreign audience will end up overcoming the stigma about jihad. God says in Quran that the plans of deniers will backfire in the end.
If you are sex-positive, there is nothing shameful about sexuality especially within marriage.
The laughter accompanying the mention of sexuality of the Prophet(p) shows that your conclusions are not dispassionate.
How can Quran resonate if you are raised with sexual revolution everywhere around you. Caliph Uthman may God be pleased with him said: If hearts were completely pure, they would never grow tired of reciting Quran. He was executed by rebels while reciting Quran, but he refused to defend himself to avoid bloodshed to faithful even if they are rebellious.
Western culture makes you feel tired for having to defend faith at every step which leads to apostasy.
I see modernist women half-naked even in winter.
Is your shame about your faithful past due to popular stigmatization of religion in West.
Why did you self-censor about sexism?
Quran talks about a righteous Jewish minority but Muslim laymen and secularists do not know about that nuance especially after creation of Israel.
Is early marriage which accords with biological nature more absurd than pre-teen lesbians and teen pregnancies.
I have noticed that critics of religion from intellectually mature backgrounds like Pakistan and Egypt tend to be more nuanced and less bigoted than critics of religion from sectarian backgrounds like Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Did you change your mind or heart about hijab. Was it a new cognition or new sentience? While living in US these new cognitions and new sentiences are more likely to be secular because of geographical happenstance. Eastern apostates evade geographical happenstance but they do not happen to be very intelligent either about faith or reason.
I admire ex Muslims who say they are open-minded to converting back to Islam.
Does secularism mean Rabaa massacre and dictatorial Ataturk.
She is less bigoted and more inclusive than the title secular jihadism.


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