Conversation with a modernist ex-Ismaili about the accuracy of Quranic Christology


{Here are six points demonstrating that Muhammad copied Jesus from Christianity with little understanding.}
It shows your own lack of understanding. Ebionites were 1st century Christians who had an accurate understanding of Jesus peace be upon him and Quran reiterated that accurate theology which brilliant minds like Isaac Newton re-discovered too later than Quran.
{Adding to this hypothesis is that there were fewer Christians living in Arabia, many of them being heterodox sects with non-mainstream belief. }
The term heterodox only reflects the dictators of Council of Nicea who colluded with Romans to enforce an inaccurate theology otherwise, the Quranic theology of Ebionites and Arians was mainstream in first century.
{There is no evidence of any Injeel (الإنجيل) / Gospel of Jesus (إنجيل يسوع) sent to Jesus.} Just like there are six books of Hadith, this does not imply that there is no original Hadith. Likewise existence of so many Gospels does not mean there was no original Gospel. The later version are subsets while the original source is a superset. It is the job of the researcher to find out what is authentic Gospel and what is apocryphal.
{The Virgin Birth}
Quran venerates Mary peace be upon her because she is an object of two extremes between Christian sects. The Protestants underestimate her while Catholics over-glorify her to theotokos. Quran also addresses over-glorification along with veneration by naming a Chapter after her. But since you are enchanted by modern intellect and are xenophobic towards the tradition of Ishmaelites, you treated Quran in a superficial and derisive manner due to a liberal Ismaili upbringing.
{The Syriac Infancy Gospel is one such document, considered a fabricated document invented to prove Jesus’ divinity. This exact story ends up in the Quran. }
When even the best theologians of Christianity do not agree with one another, it requires supernatural intelligence to filter out information accurately while copying from so many sources. Quran mentions the miracle of speaking in cradle but excludes divinity. How could one filter out the first century theology from all that.
{The stories about Jesus make more sense in Christianity than Islam. Well in Christianity we have a convincing answer. He was the son of God. }
How is it convincing when even people without virgin birth are called sons of God. And, anthropomorphism does not make logical and philosophical sense.
{In Islam he’s just “anointed”. Makes little sense does it? } You are not an expert of Arabic linguistics so it does not make sense to you. Anointed is not the only meaning of Messiah. Muslims perform ablution and during that they wipe their heads called masah. And, Jesus peace be upon him wiped the patients and they were cured. Quran 9:2 also uses the same root word for travelling. Since, he travalled in the Middle East for preaching he is called Messiah.
{ Islam again doesn’t explain why Jesus is Kalimatullah.} Because the books that explain it are in Arabic and you are not an expert of Arabic linguistics. Quran says that when God intends to create something ex nihilo he says: ‘Be’ and it is. The word ‘Be’ or Kun is the Logos of John but the Logos of Quran is more accurate because it is not co-equal with God although co-eternal in Sunni theology but non co-eternal in Shia theology of your father. { Six “proofs" that Muhammad copied Jesus from Christianity }

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