Divisive rabbis and Imams and hilm the Abrahamic tolerance

Ishmael Abraham Imam Ali peace be upon him said: I would refuse the kingdom of entire universe if it involved taking a grain from an ant’s mouth unjustly.

Alperovich Anatoly Exactly . Islam demands heart kindness towards god’s creatures. What we see is donkey torture . Someone have to tell Hamas about that kindness.

Ishmael Abraham Both IDF and Hamas should try to have more hilm(tolerance) like their father Abraham peace be upon him otherwise atheism will prevail. Torah talks about righteous goyim like Job peace be upon him.

Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham job is pre abrahamic . I thought nk
Ishmael Abraham But IDF will have a secular leader who will seduce weak Jews into following him called Armilus.
Ishmael Abraham He is post Abrahamic.
Alperovich Anatoly IDF is a system , bent under political rule
Ishmael Abraham Can Knesset choose a righteous descendant of Job peace be upon him?
Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham there are goym in knesset 
Alperovich Anatoly Judaism depends on context. If you accept 613 orders and prohibitions , you are one . As Ruth ( 613) רות. Mother of king David
Ishmael Abraham I think I follow more than 613 
Ishmael Abraham West does not care about commandments due to antinomianism of Paul.

Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham paying the church is enough by that approach.

Ishmael Abraham Have you started reciting Shema every night. Imam Ali(p) did not miss recitation even during the night of civil war.
Alperovich Anatoly No. Shame on me. Much stress and traveling for business . Inshaalah i finish that project of synagogue, and abrahamic tradition culinary and cultural center I push for two years, also to teach natives seven laws of Bnei Noah…
Alperovich Anatoly Some people wanting to convert , but rabbi here tells them, look, if you cant pursuit the principles of seven laws of Bnei Noah, it is senseless and useless

Ishmael Abraham Real love for God is proven during stress. My prayers weakened during heartbreak after a modernist Abrahamite woman rejected my proposal.

Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham thats how my voyage started. I analyzed and understood thats because we live in Roman world, a woman isnt able to be a woman.
Ishmael Abraham Rabbis can be divisive. They expelled Spinoza. Was Spinoza pious?
Ishmael Abraham I want to be like Maccabees in this world of greco-roman paganism.
Alperovich Anatoly Expelled from where? Judaism is like jurisprudence. Rabbis are doctors and layers ( daianim)


Ishmael Abraham From synagogue.
Alperovich Anatoly From Din Dayan dan .
Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham synagogue as a building , or like they expelled him from judaism? 
Ishmael Abraham I am not sure about latter.
Alperovich Anatoly I never knew that . Jew born jew dies jew and judged as jew in the gate of the next world .
Alperovich Anatoly It is impossible. Synagogue is not an institution. Hassidism is .
Ishmael Abraham Do you know a famous rabbi who is ecumenical(uniting different sects) but conservative.
Alperovich Anatoly I can pray in any synagogue . Any . We dont have that division. The division is by “pshat “or by talmud . And Sefaradi by pshat , ashkenazi by talmud . I mean everything life . But anything must be proven. Like the legal practice
Ishmael Abraham Division can be between all children of Abraham(p). I like apolitical, ecumenical and conservative rabbis.



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