Yom Kippur, Night of middle of Shaban and Sola Scriptura propaganda

I missed the voluntary commandment of pre-dawn meal for today’s fast but I still fasted to refute Sola Scriptura Salafi propaganda against voluntary fast on 15th of Shaban a month of lunar calendar like that of Jews. Unlike Yom Kippur, in Islam nibbling is not allowed but fast does not start from previous night but after pre-dawn. Even antinomian Paul fasted on conversion. Like Yom Kippur, the fate is sealed in this night. John the Baptist fasted more than the Messiah peace be upon him, so the former was a Sufi saint and latter was a Scriptural saint. As Jesus peace be upon him taught we should wash our faces to appear fresh during fasting which Muslims do during ablution called wudu. One can work too unlike Yom Kippur which fulfills the intent of Messiah peace be upon him.


Hussain Murtaza What is nibbling in the Jewish fast?
Ishmael Abraham Eating in small amounts due to health issues.
Hussain Murtaza Yes, but I was asking about the limits??

Ishmael Abraham They have their own fiqh about that. About liquid a modern rabbi said less than 80cc.



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