Ethics of elections, cultural struggles and narcissistic and pharisaical temptations

The winners of voting should try to work for an ideal greater than democracy which is gaining the respect of even the minority which chooses to disagree. Pious scientists and researchers can contribute a lot in the inter- cultural struggle, but the intra-cultural struggle is even more painful as evident in story of karbala. . All candidates should make organizational justice their top priority because traditional cultures lack it and our spiritual ideals for which university stands should not be betrayed by its own members. There is a temptation called phariseeism about which both the leaders and followers should be careful. A pharisaical voter or employee exaggerates in criticism of opponents without acknowledging virtues and merits, while a pharisaical leader or boss exaggerates in criticism of subordinates without acknowledging virtues and merits. Another problem in academic atmospheres is narcissism because many of the teachers have academic achievements but this should not stop us from admiring others and looking at weaknesses within, because it is win-win cultures which end up being the leaders of humanity. Even the Companions disagreed in voting but still all the candidates deserve respect. Not voting for anyone does not and should not imply hatred, because even the best Companions could not win perfectly unanimous political support of all members of community, but still support of majority is a practical method.



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