An intracultural letter to a literary modern educated female compatriot

I am happy to know a literary compatriot figure. I have explored your areas of interest and found  many common themes with my own literary explorations. Being a literary woman, one naturally explores western feminism, but since feminism is seen as a foreign construct in traditional cultures so I do not know a modern literary figure who has gained public acceptance especially in the traditional feminine world like my own mother who is a veiled zoologist and other highly educated female family members who strive for ethical perfection in our Machiavellian semi-traditional and semi-modern world.
So, exploring feminist theosophy would create an intercultural bridge which may initially be frowned upon by both blind modernists and blind traditionalists due to their cynicism and skepticism, but this is what is needed in 21st century to at least decelerate the tragic violent intercultural and intracultural conflict which literary and intellectual figures have a moral responsibility to contemplate upon and offer solutions to the traditional civilization.
The common themes between us I talked about include post-colonialism and psychoanalysis among others. I like existential psychology because Kierkegaard wrote about knights of faith in Fear and Trembling which defines our spiritual identity and we celebrate it unconsciously every year without knowing the philosophical underpinnings Kierkegaard contemplated upon.
Noam Chomsky may appear to be against colonial projects but I am skeptical because cultural imperialism which he implicitly promotes is more harmful for traditional cultures than even the military industrial complex because if we lose our identity, then resisting physical assault is without any purpose.
And, in the end, since I know sacred texts, I appreciate the spirituality represented by your name. Your name shows the transcendence of the One while I descend from the twin brother of Jacob peace be upon him ( your last name)  called Esau peace be upon him. Einstein due to his origin in spirituality of Jacob peace be upon him, talked about how quantum mechanics ( my technical area) is described by these two historical figures. 


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