How to help Trump overcome his pseudo-religious pseudo-Christian narcissism?

I am so glad for That Trump’s declaration on Jerusalem. All the antisemites crawled out of their holes. I am fighting antisemites for a week now. And that’s , what i was born for. Haleluya for that man . How could i dislike Donald , for decades. I cant even understand now .
He’ll change his mind when he no longer needs the distraction.
Chris MK I thought you hated him. Didn’t you say something about this white supremacist disrespecting you country when he visited? I keep saying he’s a friend of the Jewish people but people say no.
Ishmael Abraham May God make Trump, Zionists and Ishmaelites the true spiritual Semites and Abrahamites so that we resist the flood of Sodom and apostasy together.
Alperovich Anatoly Amen. You always find something new to add to discussion.
Ishmael Abraham I want to be the modern pro-Ishmael Maimonides.
Alperovich Anatoly Wish you all the success. You have the restraint . That’s the game changer.
Alperovich Anatoly Talmud says , that the toughest test for Abraham, ( be his memory blessed) , was the martial acts, in Beer sheva on the way to Egypt , and rescuing Lot . Because he was Fidel, devoted , kind to creatures and wise by how creator put him on this earth, but he wasnt a hero . So when man do for his creator , something he wasn’t meant by his creational plan, thats the greatest hesed, or spiritual gain. The beard is 13 measures of hesed and rahamim. I know you understand that .
Alperovich Anatoly Ishmael Abraham the vision of Joseph in the pit in Egypt , two thousand stairs up, Roman slavery . It will end exactly in Iovel, hamsin years from now. We may be still alive to see prophecies come true and sodom fall.
Ishmael Abraham Eastern Orthodox Christians understand the rabbinic significance of beard, but an Eastern Orthodox monk unfriended me because I disagreed with trinitarian idolatry.
Ishmael Abraham Quran has a Chapter about Joseph peace be upon him, and when the second consultation-based Caliph of Islam recited this Chapter in pre-dawn fajr prayers people could hear his almost-silent tears(nashij) because he was tempted by Potiphar’s wife, and today Sodom offers believers millions of Potiphar’s wives.


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