Deliberately provocative Christians make me think about VVF, Hindu women and Baal

While there is some linguistic cross-over, it’s very clear when one digs into details of numerous references that the Yahweh God of the Judeo-Christian frame is distinct from the Allah of the Islamic frame and that this Islamic concept is featured in the bible prominently as Ba’al. There is no interchangeability between Yahweh and Allah and they are not synonymous. The suggestion otherwise is just ignorant.
This is just a statement of uncontroversial fact. What one does with that is up to them.
Christians are to be like Christ Jesus to the church to women. Jews hold a Pentateuch giving more written rights to women than all other documents ever written summed up prior to 1930 A.D. and thus if women want to avoid the curse of the fall they ought to contemplate marrying a Jew or a Christian.
By comparison, Hindu women confronted with Islam killing their husbands threw themselves into the funeral fire to be burned to death, than to be in a Islamic harem of the curse of the fall.
And we all know little girls in Islam are burning themselves to death or going to medical institutions from the West in their area to get their “Vestico-vaginal Fistula" fixed up to be halfway healthy again in the region of their vagina.
Ishmael Abraham According to Quran 37:125, Allah loves Elijah peace be upon him called Ilyas and hates Baal too. The founder of evangelical Tabligh movement in Islam was also named after Elijah peace be upon him.
Ishmael Abraham If you think Hindu women hate Islam, learn about Hindu poetess Lata Haya and Hindu activist Arundhati Roy.
Ishmael Abraham I think both Muslim and Christian women, as in Nigeria, suffer from VVF. Both of us respect Sarah peace be upon her but there is a story that she asked Abraham peace be upon him to pierce the ears and circumcise Hagar peace be upon her, but we never blame the grandmother of Jesus peace be upon him, for that, so Jews and Christians should learn about their own history before blaming Islam out of jealousy and ignorance. And, secularists also have a role to play, if they force us to accept pornographic modernity, more traditionalists will avoid dialogue with modernists and more of them will perpetuate the weaknesses of traditional culture. So, we should work together to reform both traditional and modern weaknesses.
Ishmael Abraham Dieter, may God bless Thomas with your patience too 🙂


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