Juan Cole, anti-war movement and Islamic schisms

Bernard Lewis has said that intrafaith violence in Christian history had been more violent than intrafaith violence within Islam. May be this is due to intersection of intrafaith schismatic debates and invention of gunpowder. While schismatic war within Islam had been early when gunpowder had not been invented. As far as Sola Scriptura- Gnostic schism is concerned, this is repeating in Muslim world in the form of Salafi-Sufi debate. Self-righteousness can be wrong on both sides but can also bring genuine reform if suffused with compassionate spirit. For example, Madkhali an apolitical Salafi scholar has admitted that our harshness has adversely affected our sola scriptura movement. While, Hudson institute has described anti-blasphemy Barelwi Sufis in Pakistan as extremists. So, this superficial and inaccurate dichotomy on western pre-conceived notions can lead to cruel foreign policies making the western anti-war movement an ethical failure like Christian humanism which is more Scriptually acceptable to orthodox Muslim due to it’s concomitant dissent of sexual revolution. May God bless all the truth seekers. I learnt about you through your healthy and courageous criticism of MEMRI and how they promoted intrafaith schisms in the Middle East through their inaccurate and zealous propaganda. Indian pro-mystic Sola Scriptura scholar Shah Waliullah has successfully resolved the Salafi-Sufi debate and Dr. Marcia Hermansen has translated his book The Conclusive Argument from God into English. Since, extremists in each denomination are not exposed to ecumenical literature due to sectarian xenophobia, intrafaith ecumenical activists should compassioantely introduce the sectarian fanatics to ecumenical ideas and I want to work on this and ecumenical Christians should work on it too to avoid secularization of their own future generations.




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