An interculturally synergetic sister introduces me to the modern Catholic Tolkien

Ishmael Abraham Elvish is a linguistic concept and I have explored the concept of a divine proto-language. The sacred Abrahamic texts indicate that there will be a future universal spiritual language. So, I try to be eloquent writer of both ancient and modern languages.
Kimber’el Eventide thank you Ishmael Abraham! Indeed, the Elvish language Tolkien created is a “sample" of what light language can do for a species and how it elevates them getting them in touch with their divineness created by a divine source we all come from.
Ishmael Abraham If I had met Tolkien and CS Lewis I would have passionately described to them how Quran ecumenically resolves their denominations. Tolkien considered his mother a martyr of faith. He also leaned towards anarchism and I would have explained to him how a sacred democratic utopia can make anarchism unnecessary. :)Thanks for being a marvelous feminine inter-cultural bridge and being thought provoking.
Kimber’el EventideIshmael Abraham My pleasure! it is true. Tolkien would have understood the slight mysticism in the Quran and the glory of Oneness, he would get.
Ishmael Abraham You are right. Tolkien would have appreciated the mystic side while CS Lewis would have preferred the exegetical side. Both are complementary. Mysticism helps overcoming intellectual egoism and lack of praxis and exegetical approach helps overcoming the mystic ineffability and antinomian egoism.

Kimber’el Eventide Ishmael Abraham and another thing is Tolkien can go beyond cultures and see the truism of all religions. He was able to bring pagan/monotheism together as the Quran suggested once that the people belong as one great family.

Ishmael Abraham Rene Guenon has worked on the idea you have suggested and it is called perennialism. Quran sees paganism as an offshoot of primordial monotheism because we tend to grow closer in love to the physical manifestations of light instead of the Divine Source. So, first and greatest commandment teaches that the we should make the love of created lights subordinate to the love of The Light (An Nur).

Kimber’el Eventide Ishmael Abraham I will have to read about Rene Guenon then 😉

Ishmael Abraham Ha ha. Born in France and died in Egypt. He was a muhajir (Quranic term for a migrant for God) who left his home for God so his last word was Allah. I am agoraphobic so I cannot be as great as him. Just like Tolkien used allusions to European mythology, he used allusions to Hindu mythology of the Hindu ancestors of Pakistani unitarians.
I should commend that during interfaith and intercultural debates this is the best resource to briefly relate to famous western personalities, because Islam is basically defined by a unitarian theology and a sacred democratic political philosophy. A western sister who admires Quran introduced me to Tolkien and this article contributed to interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Thanks.


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