Discussing the linguistic and mystic definitions of bulh or the evil blind person with a mufti (a specialist of legal opinions)

Muhammad Mushrraf Well. It is very much difficult to translate “Bulh" in hadith with what was done by that guy.
Brother is referring to Freddie Mercury and another hypocritical anti-gay politician
Ishmael Abraham Both of these men were informed about western culture and uninformed about One God and His Messengers(as).
Ishmael Abraham I love this definition: عن أبي عثمان : الأبله هو الأبله في دنياه ، الفقيه في دينه
The saint Abu Uthman An Nahdi says: Bulh means someone unaware about his worldliness and someone with deep cognitive and sentient understanding of his religion.
Ishmael Abrahamعن عاصم الأحول ، قال : بلغني أن أبا عثمان النهدي كان يصلي ما بين المغرب والعشاء مائة ركعة
It is said that this saint who offers his definition used to offer 100 units of prayer between sunset prayer and night prayer
Ishmael Abrahamعبد القاهر بن السري : عن أبيه ، عن جده ، قال : كان أبو عثمان من قضاعة ، وسكن الكوفة ، فلما قتل الحسين ، تحول إلى البصرة وقال : لا أسكن بلدا قتل فيه ابن بنت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
When Prophetic grandson, peace be upon him, was martyred, he migrated to Basra from Kufah while saying: I will not live in the city where the son of the daughter of Messenger(s) of God was martyred.
Ishmael Abrahamقال : وحج ستين مرة
It is said that the same saint performed Hajj pilgrimage 60 times.



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