Sociology research: Why West celebrated right to drive in Saudi Arabia?

Sex and cars two of America s and the worlds favorite thing, it should be no surprise that they have ties.It is obvious the tremendous impact the car has had on our lives and the world we live in. Whether you believe it is for better or for worse that the automobile was created it will no doubt continue to have a great impact on travel and an array of other characteristics of our lives. As for sex , well all things aside we need it to reproduce.
Muhammad Mushrraf Really interesting.
I remember an old man, in eighties, told me before a month or so, that bicycle was a great source for he corruption of the youth in his village, and when a boy had a bicycle, then it means that he wouldn’t be able to continue his study. Everything which facilitates easy communication and interaction, has the potential to stir such things.
And, when it comes to cars, then the matter is on gigantic scale, definitely.
Peter Bell I heard recently from a respected friend that the theology of technology is just beginning to be developed, and is not caught up to the actual changes in technology that we face every day. This is a cutting-edge field of work for the brightest minds and most faithful hearts to engage the ethics and cosmic dynamics of our upcoming technology. We as a society (and as believing people) very much need this.
Ishmael Abraham Since, I am involved in cutting edge research in technology while being a student of sacred Islamic texts, please pray for me to contribute much to this area of sapio-adroans synthesis before dying, so that God consider us a knight of Christ as well as the Ishmaelite righteous King. Future belongs to the faithful, God willing/In Sha Allah. Martin Seligman admits that believers are far more optimistic about future than the Godless. I read the word technology in a spiritual context here, which may not be precisely relevant here, but shows the passionate desire of believers for a sapio-adorans synthesis.


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