Silicon valley and EE vs CE: Dialogue with one of the brightest minds of engineering from my Muslim country

Me:What is your favorite area in EE?
Yar my focus shifted a bit towards computer engineering. I mean the overlapping area between EE and CE. So mostly I’m doing some kind of programming.
VHDL or C++? I think programming is suited to your logical nature of IQ, while I was horrified by programming because my IQ is of spatial nature. I love understanding structures like a cell in biology or structure of semiconductor devices. CE always seems as the most latest and popular thing because masses interact with it more while EE can seem to be a boring traditional discipline beyond the admiration of masses.
He works for Silicon valley. May God protect him from contributing to murderous military industrial complex and may he serve in partially philanthropic industries like biomedical engineering.
Do you work on military or biomedical projects? Neither. These days working on home automation kind of projects
Thanks God, we do not serve the nwo military industrial complex.
Hahaha. And to respond to your earlier query, I use C, C++, python etc
I fear python and its brothers like Moses peace be upon him . ( Quran 27:10)


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