Existential dysphoria, nihilistic sufism and nihilistic militancy

Thinking about existential dysphoria made me visit the blog and I liked it. Since I am both a patrilineal and matrilineal descendant of Abraham peace be upon him, my DNA made me explore theistic existentialism via Kierkegaard who wrote Fear and Trembling about my grandfather. I have theistic psychotherapist friends who recommend reading Martin Seligman who has acknowledged that theists tend to be more optimistic than secularists. I think nihilism is a logical consequence of industrial revolution and sexual revolution, but our traditional culture is still successfully resisting both revolutions and therefore nihilism but one can find nihilistic movements in the traditional world. Nihilism literally means annihilation and some sufi saints have talked about annihilation of ego while witnessing the divine ego. However, that is incompatible with our modern existence as well as our own texts. Then, there are militant anarchists who think that it is impossible to resist temptation while being a part of modern culture so they resort to militant anarchism to destroy with nihilistic passion. However, I have embraced a synthesis of radical anti-modern skepticism and self-annihilating sufi compassion.





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