A Shia believer tries to outwit me through sarcasm for being a dissenter of popular Shi’ism

Sean Stone: A convert to Islam with Jewish descent
Hussain Murtaza Waqar Anwar jumped off his chair the moment you tagged him on this post.
Ishmael Abraham Sean became a Shia BTW.
Ishmael Abraham But he loves Sunni Rumi too.
Hussain Murtaza Rumi is frowned upon first and foremost by your beloved Salafis. Many Shi’a scholars, including Ayatullah Khomeini, openly expressed admiration for him.
Ishmael Abraham But I have read riwayat of Ahlulbayt where they critcize Sufis like Salafi scholars as well. Ayatollah Borqei is an example of such a Salafi Shia scholar.
Hussain Murtaza Please also tag Waqar Younis, he was one of the greatest fast bowlers Pakistan ever produced.
Hussain Murtaza I know. The condemnation of Sufia is unanimously established among all of mainstream Islam, particularly Ithna Asharia. But what kind of Sufi, and for what reasons, is a subject to this condemnation is a question of much. Hence the case of Maulana Rumi becomes subjective. Personally I neither admire nor condemn him. Ishmael Abraham I neither admire nor condemn you



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