A Bosnian victim of military imperialism supports cultural imperialism of Sodom

Divine peace be upon the truth seekers. Muslim worldview sees homosexuality as sinful as rape because both are acts of sexual gratification contrary to the commandments of God. The latter involves one sinner while former involves two sinners. I do not think that the 20,000 women who were raped in Bosnian war would want to be homosexuals, because we are horrified by both. She should sympathize with female victims of Bosnian war and should not make herself and Muslim women the victims of cultural imperialism just like they have been victims of military imperialism. God says in Quran that fitna(temptation) is more destructive than murder because being martyred leads to Paradise and being seduced leads to Fire. When a victim of military imperialism supports cultural imperialism it is an instance of Stockholm’s syndrome.



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