Ironic process theory, hypersexuality and sufi counselling

I am happy to learn about our shared concern about childhood hypersexualization in the modern culture. In traditional cultures, many people with hypersexuality do counselling with sufi saints and many people recover. I think sufi saints achieve that by reducing the anxiety of the patients. I have read other psychologists who have written on ironic process theory that patients who cannot inhibit their thoughts should focus on some other intellectual and psychological alternative rather than trying to suppress the negative thoughts. And, that can be achieved by meditative prayers and studying sacred texts. Another aspect they have mentioned is that one should reduce multitasking to avoid negative thoughts. Since modern culture is based on industrial revolution where multitasking is inevitable, so that makes sexual revolution inevitable. So, if we start spending more relaxed time in spiritual, charitable and philanthropic activities that can reduce the anxiety and stress created by industrious activities.
You are right to acknowledge the fact of using hypersexuality as an excuse for infidelity and I have found many secularist ideologues using the same excuse. However, many real psychologists are not absolute fatalists.


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