Is disagreeing with American scholars of Islam cannibalistic backbiting

When a Companion disrespected another black Companion, the Prophet(p) said: You still have traces of pre-Islamic ignorance.
At the recent RIS Conference in Toronto, Hamza Yusuf spoke disparagingly of Black Lives Matter movement and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Илия Александр Лахоз There’s no single sociopolitical viewpoint that is obligatory upon Muslims. Holding a position that is out of fashion in that realm is not one of the exceptions to back biting. This is especially true in the case of ulama.
Ibn ‘Asaakir (499 A.H. – 571 A.H.) (may Allaah have mercy on him) said:
((اعلم يا أخي – وفقني الله وإياك لمرضاتِهِ وجعلني وإياك ممن يتقيه حق تقاته – إِن لُحُوم الْعلمَاء رَحْمَة اللَّه عَلَيْهِم مَسْمُومَة، وَعَادَة اللَّه فِي هتك أَسْتَار منتقصيهم مَعْلُومَة لِأَن الوقيعة فيهم بِمَا هم مِنْهُ برَاء أمره عَظِيم والتنَاول لأعراضهم بالزور والافتراء مرتع وخيم والاختلاق على من اخْتَارَهُ اللَّه مِنْهُم لنعش الْعلم خلق ذميم))
“And know my brother – may Allaah guide me and you to seek His pleasure and make me and you from among those who fear Him as He should be feared – that the flesh of the scholar is poisonous. And the custom of Allaah in removing the screens from those who seek to belittle them is well-known. This is because attacking them in matters that they are free from is truly a tremendous matter.
Surrounding their reputation with lies and fabrications is infertile grounds, and differing with those whom Allaah has chosen amongst them to disperse the knowledge is a dishonorable characteristic.”
[Source: Tabyeen Kadhib al-Muftaree, p. 29]
Ibn ‘Asaakir (may Allaah have mercy on him) also said:
من أطلق لِسَانه فِي الْعلمَاء بالثلب بلاه اللَّه عَزَّ وَجَلَّ قبل مَوته بِمَوْت الْقلب
“Whoever speaks ill of the (righteous) scholars, Allaah will give death to that person’s heart before He will give death to that person.”
[Source: Tabyeen Kadhib al-Muftaree, p. 425]
Ishmael Abraham Does it apply to him too because he once called the traditional ulama naql-heads? Criticizing those who struggle in the path of God should also be sinful. God says that political activists who try to make the word of God supreme are superior in the sight of God to passive Muslims. Quran 4:95. I do love him when he is right but scholarly difference was treated by the righteous predecessors as a mercy.
When Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi a scholar from Prophetic family through Imam Hasan (r), visited US, he had warned against the dangers of an American form of Islam.
Илия Александр Лахоз So BLM = المجاهدون فى سبيل الله
Ishmael Abraham No. I am talking about Al-Banna who was martyred and even Tariq Ramadan who has a political philosophy.
Илия Александр Лахоз That’s a whole other discussion, but 90% of the article is taking him to task about racial politics. Ishmael Abraham You are right. A liberal from Bangladesh Atif Choudhury was promoting the article who has also called Nouman Ali Khan an abusive preacher. I do hate BLM for the qawm Lut among them. But still I am skeptical about the global Sufi liberal alliance against Sola Scriptura scholars.


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