Are orthodox Muslims anti-Jewish or anti-Armilus?

Julie Goren does this mean if i google my name, i will find it?
Ishmael Abraham Due to my MS studies, it is difficult for me right now to put my notes on wordpress. Torah im Derech Eretz
Julie Goren i guess i should stop responding to you if you are trolling me.
Ishmael Abraham Trolls are hired for political reasons. I have no political affiliation. I just want to talk to you about Torah and Quran.
Julie Goren first of all you are wrong about trolls but whatever. second you dont want to talk you want to convert
Ishmael Abraham I read that trolls intend to offend others deliberately and I treat you with patience even when you say offensive things. God controls hearts (Muqallib Al Qulub) not me so conversion is beyond my power. May Allah open my eyes and eyes of all humanity for the divine Truth.
Julie Goren well its true you are patient with me. my only question is: am i a pig or a monkey hiding behind the rocks and the trees? i know you hate me and my people, and would like to see me dead, because you believe your book without questions
Ishmael Abraham You are not an atheist but a Torah lover so I do not think you will follow the secular false Messiah Armilus. The war will be between true believers and followers of Armilus. It is primarily a spiritual struggle we face each day to resist the temptation of gold and flesh.
A Jewish Zionist sister Julie Goren unfriends me because she feared converting to Islam. While Islam never expects anyone to stop loving the blessed Torah.


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