Hadith overcomes metaphysical circumlocution

Compulsory love and obedience (in Islam) are odious concepts.

You sent Today at 22:10

your claustrophobia is not odious but invites pity

André sent Today at 22:11

I don’t have claustrophobia but thanks for the passive aggressive projection.

You sent Today at 22:15

You should thank me for suggesting the psychologica research idea of identity claustrophobia vs globalizationYou sent Today at 22:16odious is not a scientific term

André sent Today at 22:17

I am neither claustrophobic nor a globalist. Stop trying to tar others with your own hang ups. Odious is an adjective!

You sent Today at 22:19

claustrophobia can be a philosophical concept. anti-semitic claustrophobia defines western Jungian psyche.

André sent Today at 22:22

What the hell are you talking about?? That is patently absurd! Anti-semitic claustrophobia? That’s not even English. I taught English at University level.

You sent Today at 22:22

I am describing cultural antinomianism of European history

André sent Today at 22:25

Then you clearly lack a basic grasp of both antinomianism and European history. I think you just enjoy being smugly circumlocutory.

You sent Today at 22:26

Yes I like to explore metaphysical unexplored greyness.You sent Today at 22:27Is liberal democracy a circumlocution? What is illiberal democracy

André sent Today at 22:30

There is some difficulty in justifiably ascribing to me the first of the epithets you employed, inasmuch as the precise corellation between the information you communicated and the facts, insofar as they can be ascertained and demonstrated, is such as to present epistemological problems of sufficient magnitude as to lay upon the logical and semantic resources of the English language, a heavier burden than they can reasonably be expected to bear.

André sent Today at 22:31

Circumlocution is a noun; it is not preceded by the indefinite article.

You sent Today at 22:31

Hence it is proven that English a metaphysically inadequate language

André sent Today at 22:32

I don’t think you could adequately define ‘metaphysical’.

You sent Today at 22:32

I prefer studying semitic grammary to gentile grammarYou sent Today at 22:32*grammar

André sent Today at 22:33

That much is patently obvious!

You sent Today at 22:34

Your English pride means nothing to me, but since I am a Scythian Alawi Ishmaelitic Semite my being exists to define metaphysics.

André sent Today at 22:35

That hubris will be your undoing.

You sent Today at 22:36

I hope we both undo hubris through persistent dialogue




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