Looking futuristically at global identity evolution until 2030

Hanafi-Confucian dialogue, synergy and game theory
When we look back at world wars, we see a chaos of meaning regarding the mystery of race and ethnolinguistic diversity. Pakistan being a synergy of Semitic discipline and Indo-European genetics can play a therapeutic role in Eurasian and post-Eurasian identity formation. China is seen in Arab Semitic worldview as future knowledge economy which can lead to an epistemological paradigm shift. Another role of China in ME eschatology is balance of power in South Asia which is also very obvious in terms of 21st century geostrategy.
If we analyze European history in terms of historical symbolism we see a conflict between ethnotextuality and a universal poetic license. In Eastern history, it evolved as Turkish Hanafism, Greco-Buddhism and theosis Tzarism which have contributed in Chinese identity formation in their own ways. Hanafism though is not unique to Turkish worldview rather it extends to all non-Semitic legal traditions due to its pragmatic rules.
Greco-Buddhism evolved at the tectonic continuum of Eurasia and South Asia and was later co-opted by Platonic Sufism of modern Pakistani identity. Pakistani orthodox identity is perpetuated by minority linguistic traditions which have been affected by modernization and globalization. CPEC can culturally empower those linguistic traditions through education, research and revitalization, which can act as buffer to non-regional influence through participative empowerment. Sufi humanism can also offer a strategic alternative to monopoly of liberal democratic moralizing discrimination.
Dawud Tai who is a disciple of Hanafi legal tradition who turned inwards to deal with neurodiverse energy can be an important symbol of Hanafi-Confucian dialogue. He may be criticized by western worldview as an anti-intellectual figure, but modern Pakistani identity can compensate for that through a psychological rational reconstructive focus.
Confucianism although foreign to Semitic worldview makes sense in esoteric worldview which emphasizes gentile humility and wisdom. Western vegetarianism also provokes debates in Asia but Semitic diet although not universally inclusive, disagrees with absolute vegetarian asceticism. Buddha was a monk, but the models of Gandhi and Jinnah have revived not only Greco-Buddhist ideals, which can resolve identity dilemmas of modern West which can shape the future of global economic duopoly through Greco-Semitic synergy. There are texts within Eastern spiritual worldview which predict a race-chaos of composite races, which can be managed through psychological research on traditional concepts of joy of commandments and unitarian agape. This area of research is not completely grey although underexplored. Scientific community has even explored such synergies on neuroscientific level.




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